What are care instructions for Lucky Bamboo?

kitha1215(z8/Central Louisiana)December 21, 2008

Hi! I just got a LB plant(that had been neglected by someone who wasn't a plant person) but I'm not really familiar with how it's supposed to be taken care of. The one I have is planted in rocks I think...is that normal? I know plants but never dealt with this kind before. So if anyone can give me some particulars I'd be much obliged! THANX COMMUNITY!

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Best wishes for you and your new lucky bamboo! There are care instructions at the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Care for Lucky Bamboo

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kitha1215(z8/Central Louisiana)

Thanx, Evon! Ok, is it normal for Lucky Bamboo to be grown in just rocks? It seems that mine is grown in just rocks, I stuck my finger in and I don't feel any soil. Also, if it's grown in just "rocks and water" does that mean that it should be filled with water and just left alone until it drinks all the water OR should I only be watering it every so often? I was kinda confused by the sight...but it was very helpful though!

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Most of the lucky bamboo plants seem to come in rocks (marbles or other similar medium) and water. That is fine.

The water you use may need special preparation. Apparently, these plants can be sensitive to the chemicals in the water such as chlorine. If you have filtered water, that works very nicely. Also, you can leave the tap water out, uncovered for the day to allow the chemicals to disperse and then use it for your plant.

If the water level goes down in your container, add a little more water to bring it back to the full level. Every week, pour out all of the water and refill the container.

To me, this seems like a lot more trouble than planting my lucky bamboo in soil. I transferred my plants to moisture control potting mix and kept them moist for a few weeks before going to a more normal watering schedule. That has worked fine for me.

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kitha1215(z8/Central Louisiana)

Ok, so I'm just trying to make sure I get this right. I did leave some water out for about a day now so I'm sure it's safe to use. Am I supposed to just fill the container up and just let it sit in the water like that? I was under the impression that it might cause it to rot....idk. But if that's what I'm supposed to do then I'll do it. I'm looking at it right now and it looks yellowish...I don't want it to die. And what do I do to encourage leaf growth? I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my many questions, thanx!

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It is a little bit difficult to pinpont without knowing the history of the plants.

There are three things than can cause yellowing:

1. Light: Way too much sunlight.

2. Water: Cold temperatures or using water with chemicals such as chlorine and floride. Use room temperature water and allow any chemicals to disperse from the water.

3. Disease: Sometimes a stem becomes diseased and dies. If it does appear diseased, remove the stem from the group and dispose.

Sometimes a plant has survived a long time without any nutrients. Eventually you will need to add some nutrients to the soil. As long as the plants had not been fertilized, you could add a VERY DILUTE amount to the water. Wait several months before adding any more nutrients to the water.

From the link:

"NUTRIENTS: Lucky Bamboo is pretty hardy, and often grows happily for years just in pure water, but it may need some kind of food eventually. If your plant gets spindly and pale after youÂve had it for a while, try moving it a little closer to a light source and give it some very diluted plant food. However, if it turns yellow shortly after you bring it home thatÂs usually a sign it was over-fertilized before you purchased it. Change the water immediately, and donÂt fertilize at all for several months.

The best time to feed your Lucky Bamboo is when you change the water. Just add a couple of drops of aquarium plant food to the water you use to refill the container. You can also use a very dilute solution of a standard plant food like Miracle Gro. For water-grown plants, that means using 1/10th the recommended strength (i.e., if it says 10 drops per gallon, use only 1 drop per gallon for your Lucky Bamboo). If your Lucky Bamboo is growing in soil, you can use a stronger solution.

DonÂt feed every time you change the water! Every 2 monthsÂor longer-- is often enough. Water-grown plants do not need to be fed as frequently as soil-grown plants, and feeding too much or too frequently is more harmful to plants than not feeding enough! Lucky Bamboo is naturally a very slow-growing plant, so donÂt assume it needs to be fed just because it doesnÂt seem to be growing."

Here is a link that might be useful: How to Choose and Care for Lucky Bamboo

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I have had my lucky bamboo for 10+ years in the same little 4inch pot. I have never changed the water. It gets plain old tap water and I give it a very dilute of 20/20/20 maybe twice a year.It's healthy and still growing new shoots.Sometimes when I forget about it , it almost dries out but always keeps growing.

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Most care instructions include changing the water every so often on the lucky bamboo plants. I would imagine if you did not, all sorts of slimy stuff must start growing in there. That is what happened to my plants in the beginning and pushed my decision to grow them in soil.

My lucky bamboo plants are beautiful and remain really nice looking for awhile now! That is a good measure of success. If your plants are beautiful too, let us know that in the post. If they are leggy and not so nice looking, that makes a big difference on how we can think about your information.

In any case, I looked back at another thread and a few people never changed the water. Apparently it is an arguable point.

One of the posts recommended not moving the plants around a great deal to change the water. I did not remove the plant each time, but tipped out the water and freshened it. I did feel that not shifing the plants around at all would be better, and that is another reason I chose to grow mine in soil.

Here is a link that might be useful: Changing water

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I've had my lucky bamboo for over a year. It is grown in rocks. After 6 months of caring for it, I took the bamboo out, and emptied the remaining water and rocks, then when the rocks were dry, I placed it all back together in the rocks filling it with filtered water, this seemed to work. It's hard to change the water every 2 weeks without taking the bamboo plant out, so I have just continued to fill it or let the water level get low and then fill it, this worked up until recently. This past week, half of my bamboo turned yellow, while parts of the other half turned brown and the tips stayed green. I emptied it and noticed the rocks had mold on them as well as the bottom of the bamboo. I use filtered or spring water when filling the glass container with rocks. How do I bring it back to life? It is yellow, brown, black in some places, but yet the top of it is a healthy green. Can this be fixed?

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I Have Been Told To Use Just Rain Water Only This Came From a Person I know That Has Lucky Bamboo.

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I just wanted to add that my Lucky Bamboo has been with us for a long time. It is in soil and I water it once a week. I use regular tap water that I leave out on the counter for at least 2 days. I water my bamboo until the dirt is really moist. I also give my plant very low indirect sunlight.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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