For answers to your ?s, check out

dunwaukin(Ontario 5b)September 9, 2005

I see lots of questions on here that could be answered quite easily. The web-site is

It tells you types of lilies, propagation, (including scaling) diiding, hybridizing. Et cetera, et cetera.

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roseyp8255(z8 - SC AL)

Thanks - i just checked it out and bookmarked it for future reading this winter (i stay in the yard the rest of the time if i am not at work).

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tyshee(Z 3 & 4)

The North American Lily Society as a great book also on growing lilies.

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Can I cut down my Asiatic Lilies for the winter? I am new to gardening and when I cut down my tulips, they never flowered again, so I am afraid to do so with my lilies until I check it out.

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tyshee(Z 3 & 4)

You should cut back your lilies and clean the leaves and all up to prevent disease but only after the leaves and stalk have turned brown. Lilies feed off the leaves so never cut more than a third back until after the leaves and stems die. The object is to have a healthy large bulb that will bloom next year. When all is brown and dead looking you can cut them to ground level. Usually they will just pull right out but sometimes they pull the bulb with them so it is better to cut the stems that show the slightest resistence. This is also when you can divide the bulbs if you wish.

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hi, anyone;did anyone hear about a new kind of lily??my friend tells me, a new one is out. flowers are like petunia?? i have never heard of it..if so what is the name, any infor. on this ,a pic..maybe.. thanks very much..

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