Darn...lilies thrown out!

linnea56(z5 IL)September 9, 2009

I was scheduled to have surgery a few weeks ago. I was trying to finish up various loose ends around the yard, while I still could. I dug up some Lollipop Asiatic lilies that I decided did not look right mixed in with some hostas. (Without knowing exactly where I wanted to move them to.) Then it started to rain, suddenly and hard, so I put them in a garbage can lid, covered them with another lid, then slung it all under a bush to await better weather. Then it rained for 3 days. Every now and then I peeked at the bulbs and stems to make sure they were OK, promising I would give them a much better new homeÂsoon. Then my surgery date arrived without an opportunity to finish anything else in the yard.

Then (with my mind on other things) I totally forgot about them! ItÂs been 3 weeks since my surgery and I finally got out to do a little gardening today. Suddenly rememberedÂoh! The lilies! Went looking and they were gone. Asked my husband if he remembered seeing them. Uh-ohÂHe had been trying to help me out and cleaned up the yard. Carefully stacked the empty pots in the garage and saved the plant tags for my files. Put all the "waste" in the landscape pickup binÂwhich was picked up a week ago. CanÂt blame him. Since I normally use garbage can lids in the yard for collecting weeds as I pull them, he thought I had meant to throw them out!

Notes to selfÂ

1) DonÂt dig up what you donÂt have an IMMEDIATE home for!

2) DonÂt use garbage can lids for anything you want to keep!

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I think your handling it quite well. I think I would have started crying. I will be digging a few of mine up as soon as I finish with the new rose bed. That is, if it would stop raining every other freaking day.

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We're crying for rain in NorCal and your complaining of too much. It will be 100 today and possibly for a few days. My lilies are kept in pots because of poor drainage so they do not do well. Trying to work up the courage to find a spot in the yard this yr.

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