Fagioli di Spagna

LoboGothic(6b SW Ontario CANADA)September 14, 2013

These are the largest of the 4 bigger runner varieties I grew this year. The biggest shellies are 1 1/2" long.

I grew Gigandes, Soissons Gros Blanc de Rames, Samos Greek Lima and this one, Fagioli di Spagna. Not sure about how the pods should look at the perfect shelly stage. I'm shelling out a few of the FdS now and here's a photo.

Lots of questions - what is the easiest way to shell these? Anyone blanch them in the pods to soften them and make them easier to open?

How do BP&L forum folk like to cook and eat these?

We're into cooler weather with frost warnings.

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I wonder if these are the same as the Bianco di Spagna that I have grown a couple times. Shellies were huge with one or two reaching 1 3/4 inch long. They are hard to shell while the hulls are green and easier when they are yellow and rubbery or dry.

My favorite way to use them is still your dressing recipe that uses olive oil, vinegar, garlic etc.

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LoboGothic(6b SW Ontario CANADA)

Ooops, thank you drloyd, yes you are right. I checked my bean list and sure enough, they're listed as di Spagna Bianco. I found them at Weston Seeds here in Ontario - they import a wide selection of Italian bean seed varieties.

So far I've tried the Samos Greek Lima in soup and it's wonderfully delicious with its thin skin and creamy texture. I'll report back on the others, just beginning to harvest them.

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I would like to try Samos Greek Lima. The sources seem to be in Canada.

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