Can lilies be grown in pots..

pandy(10sFL)October 4, 2006

and what size would you use say for one bulb and also for three??



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Yes they can grow in pots. The size depends on your taste in how much flowering do you want. If tthey are crammed in side by side it won't harm them. And since you are in Florida you know you will need to remove from the pots and FREEZE them for 6-8 weeks in a freezer. Your kitchen frig freezer will do fine. If you do not freeze them they will NOT bloom again and most likely will die out.

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If they are crammed in too tightly, won't it be difficult for them to grow?

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thanks..I like a lush look but not too crowded...i save that for the roses :)


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Jeanne_in_Idaho(z5 N.Idaho)

They'll still grow even if you plant them right smack up against each other, but they bulbs may not increase in size, and unless you feed often, they might even shrink before the next bloom. They need food, water and light to increase in size or multiply, but even if you supply the food and water, they'll need more light than they can get all crammed together. You can pick what's more important to you, a lush bloom the first year, or growth for the next year.


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If you freeze the bulbs in the freezer, you will kill them. They need a couple of months of chilling at 40 degrees F, which is refrigerator temperature, not freezer temperature. There is absolutely no disagreement about this among lily growers.

Your climate is very hot, and lilies do not like hot soil. I suggest that you pot them up and then plunge the pot into the open ground, in a place where it will be shaded from the hot afternoon sun. Mulch the soil with bark or something similar to keep the sun from heating it up too much.

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Thanks all!!!

Im planning to tuck them amongst roses to keep cooler.


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good to know. Thanks!

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