Seed Pods on lillies open with loads of black seeds

javaandjazz(z6 CT)October 5, 2005

I have these lillies in my back yard and the seed pods on them opened a few weeks back and they are loaded with black seeds. I took some in my house and put them in a little water and keep adding to the water when it evaporates and now the seeds have started to sprout. I guess I will pot them up and keep them inside now that it's getitng chilly here in CT and see if I can grow them over the winter. Can I just bring the other seeds in and let them dry out over the winter and plant them next year? The lillies are very tall and had the most beautiful and delicate orange flowers when they bloomed in August/September. They are very tall. I don't remember the name offhand. I know they are not the wild tiger lillies you find on the side of the road. Thanks,Richie

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dunwaukin(Ontario 5b)

?black seeds? unusual for a lily. Are you sure that these are true lilies.

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pardalinum(z8 PNW)

With black seeds, I think they are daylilies, Hemerocallis. If the leaves grow from the base and not on the stalk they are daylilies. I just started some daylily seeds the same way (floating) and have potted up 3 seedlings. I can't help you on seed storage. If you post this on the daylily forum there are a lot of people there that grow from seed and they can help you.

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javaandjazz(z6 CT)

These lillies have leaves that look like irises. The leaves do grow from the base of the plant. Thanks,Richie

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clickermel(z6a SW Ohio)

Could they be candy lilies or blackberry lilies? They have leaves similar to irises and round black seeds.


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Sounds like Pardancamda - the "blackberry lily" (did I spell that correctly?) Easy to grow from those seeds.
Maryanne in WMass

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here is a Blackberry_Lily

Here is a link that might be useful:

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