Pineapple Lilies

RavnKing(MB, Canada z2b)October 28, 2005

I bought some Eucomis hybrid seeds from Thompson & Morgan and got them all to germinate. They started growing really well and the leaves are long (approx. 4") and narrow (approx. 1/2"). They have been growing in 4.25" pots for about 6 months now and a small 1/4" bulb has formed on all of them which I assume is what is supposed to happen. The thing is that now the growth has really slowed down and they are not really growing as strong since the sun is no longer out for as many hours now that winter is well on its way in. I am growing them indoors on a windowsill right now. Do the bulbs need to be put dormant for the winter and then grown in the spring again? If so how do I go about doing this? I have a small bar fridge that I use for storing many of my other bulbs in and some carnivorous plants during dormancy. Or should I get these under some grow lights for the winter and continue growing them since this is still their first year? If I am to continue growing them indoors over the winter, what is the light/temp/humidity requirements as I would love to keep these alive so that they can continue to grow and get bigger and hopefully actually flower one year soon. Any suggestions here would be greatly appreciated as these are the first lilies that I have tried growing. Thank you in advance.



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pardalinum(z8 PNW)

Disclaimer: I have not grown these from seed.

Since you started them in the spring, I would think their normal tendancy would be to go dormant for the winter. So I will refer you to the information I have found in the Royal Horticultural Society Manual of Bulbs:

Minimum temp. of 4-10C when dormant. Minimum of 10C when in growth. Water sparingly when dormant, plentifully when in growth. Humidity is not mentioned. They are tropical South African natives. They may bloom in 2-5 years from seed.

Perhaps you can put some of them to bed for the winter and maybe keep one or two pots under lights for the winter to see which works better. You might also check in with the South African Native Plant forum here.

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I have brought in 3 pineapply lily plants this week and am not sure how to overwinter them. Do I leave them in pots in a sunny window and water them or do I remove the bulbs and let them dry out.

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flora2b(z6a bc)

Never tried from seed, but I have pineapple lilies and just keep them in the pot, bring them instead and let them die back....I don't water mine at all in the winter....basically treat them like dahlias, cannas etc.
Start them again in about March.

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