T12 bulbs only???

farmingvillefarmer(East Coast zone 7)December 1, 2008

I recently found this message in these forums:

I think Home Depot's Commercial Electric shoplights at about $8 per fixture are hard to beat. They will accept either T8 or T12 fluorescents. Home Depot also sells Philips T8 fluorescent tube in 10 packs for competitive prices. The 4100°K bulbs cost about $19.95 a pack, but the 5000° K bulbs and 6500°K bulbs don't cost a whole lot more and give whiter light. I currently have a variety of Philips bulbs in use, ranging from 3000°K, 3500°K, 4100°K, 5000°K and 6500°K and the 6500°K bulbs look by far the brightest and whitest. They are also cost more than the others, although not excessively so.

You will also want a three-wire timer and Home Depot has them for about $10.


Well im a bit confused now because i went to HD today and bought 24 of the light fixtures for 8 bucks each that say for use with T12 bulbs. Reading here I see lots saying that T8 bulbs will work too. The guy at HD says they will not work and I can only use T12. If this is true would a T12 of 4100k from HD work just as well as the T8 bulbs? they were 3600k the 10 for 20 bucks bulbs. please help me thx

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I never found t8 capable fixtures for under $20 anywhere. I just bought the 8.99 t12 fixtures and the GE 6500k 3k lumen bulbs. The fixture and the bulbs for the t12 cost as much as just the t8 fixture. If the ballasts ever go out I'll probably replace them with the digital ballasts so I can use t8 bulbs

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farmingvillefarmer(East Coast zone 7)

So I can use T12 bulbs then? I am eventually going to move the plants outdoors, I only need to start them and let them grow a little, If they flowered it would be nice as im going to sell these plants at a friends farmstand. I compared them T12 to the T8 bubls and to tell ya the truth they have almost identical numbers in Kelvins and Lumens.

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yeah. t8's are just a bit more efficient and the tubes last a bit longer.

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