Lilies or liriope/monkey grass?

AnnikaKayOctober 12, 2012

I took over a garden from a previous renter that had a row of monkey grass and some day lilies behind it. Now one of the two is growing a million offshoots, all about the same distance away from both kinds of plants (ca. 5 inches apart). Since both plants are related and the leaves look roughly the same - how can I tell if it's the lilies or the monkey grass spreading out? The lilies I would keep, the monkey grass I'd pull up. Right now it just looks messy, like my garden hasn't gotten a haircut in months, since the new leaves are several feet long...

Thanks for your help!

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Liriope spicata tends to be a rhizomatous spreader, sometimes aggressively so, so barring any additional info, assume this is what you have. Daylilies (Hemerocallis) tend to be slowly expanding clumpers and do not typically produce shoots at any signficant distance away from the mother plant.

btw, neither one of these are true lilies (bulbs of the genus Lilium), which is what this forum is dedicated to.

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