Advice on hybridizing spider lilies.

tnangelaOctober 6, 2008

So it appears that my spider lilies made a few open pollinated seed pods this year.

I need advice on growing these. I assume the seed is a scale like other lilies and amaryllis? Will they sprout immediately and survive winter or do they sprout in spring?

If I have any luck with these what other species should I use to try making interspecific (or intergeneric) hybrids?

Knowing that these are in the amaryllis family and that A. belladonna is promiscuous has anyone tried hybridizing with amaryllis? It would be fun to expand the list of amaryllis hybrids.

A. belladonna x Nerine sarniensis (Jersey lily) = Amarines

A. belladonna x Brunsvigia = Amarygias

A. belladonna x Crinum Lily = Amarcrinum

A. belladonna x Sprekelia = Hippeastrellia

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