Is it beneficial to grow favas and peas together?

victw(10 So CA)September 30, 2006

Almost time to plant peas here in SoCal. I've only been gardening for a couple of years. The first time I planted peas they came out beautifully - every year has been worse and worse.

I have a couple of ideas about doing things differently this year.

1) I'm moving the pea trellis.

2) I'm double digging the new area - and amending with steer manure.

I grew favas for the first time last year and turned the whole community garden on to them.

I've been reading about how they are nitrogen fixers - and the peas need nitrogen. So my thought is to grow a row of favas behind the pea trellis and in front of the trellis.

I will also add another row of short peas in front of the favas.

Am I understanding this correctly? Will the favas help the peas? It's a small community garden plot. - We love sugar snap peas - and can't get too many - but the favas will be taking a lot of space - that I could be using for other things - if not providing the benefits.



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Peas are also nitrogen fixing and are capable of making their own nitrogen. It won't hurt to plant together but it is not neccessary because they are both legumes. Rodger

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