The best deal on lillies

Daisy_head_maisy(6)October 31, 2005

Hi. I just wanted to share with you the incredible deal I'm getting on some lillies. I ordered some of the clearance lillies from buggycrazy since this may be her last year selling and she has some incredible lillies you can't find anywhere else! She has great prices on some amazing looking large bulbs- (check out green goddes, VDS6, pink pearl, and some of her others... WOW!) or you can order a mix of small bulbs, medium bulbs, or large bulbs.

Her bulbs are very healthy and freshly dug. She is also very friendly and responded to emails very quickly.

I got 45 small bulbs- 15 oriental and 30 asiatics for $30

2 other bulbs for $5 each that are going to be amazing (one is a cross between Rosario and Golden elegance- a large bulb size, and one is an orienpet called Godzilla- smaller bulb size) and shipping was only $7.75.

The prices are really really great and shipping is very low.

Don't miss out!

Check out

the blooming auction and

the lily auction to see what great lillies she has!

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please tell me how or where to find these sites.

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Hi Woodsgranny.

The lily auction is
and the blooming auction is

I think both sites have a way to search by seller or user- her name is buggycrazy.

I am reall impressed, she mailed the bulbs priority the same day I payed. I bought directly from her rather than bidding since I'm not registered on those sites. In the past she has sold a lot on ebay but hasn't had good luck with bidders there.

To see pictures of some of her lillies you can go to

Good luck!

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Mainiac(5b Maine)

I second that vote of confidence. Her bulbs are among the best I have ever bought. So accomodating. Support those people who make a living out of lilies or else they won't be around to sell to us in the future! You won't be disappointed.

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HI, I just got my order. I have never been so pleased, and I've bought a lot of lillies. You can tell they were freshly dug, amazingly healthy and a good size. Many of the clearance "small" bulbs were the same size as the much more expensive bulbs I bought last year from a larger company. And she was so nice to work with and so patient with me and my many emails.

One of my $5 bulbs was the biggest bulb I've ever seen, I didn't even know that a bulb could get that big! It was almost 6" in diameter! I need to pull out my measuring tape and see how many cm around it is!

I'm very very pleased and only wish I could have afforded to buy more! I sure hope you're in business next year buggycrazy because I can't wait to buy more!

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irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)

I'm going to check her out too. I want to start growing lilys and she sounds like a great source to buy from


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irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)

I see on the bloomingauction she has a sale, 10 unnamed asiatic/la hybrid lilys for 10.00 (large size)

or 10 small size for 5.00

My questions is, what is a la hybrid?

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pardalinum(z8 PNW)

LA refers to an interspecie hybrid of the longiflorum lily (Easter lily) and asiatic type lilies. Feel free to ask Lisa of buggycrazy any questions you have about lilies-- she is an expert in my opinion and has helped me alot. I recommend the larger bulbs 10/$10 they will put on a great show next year.

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irish_rose_grower(z7 LI NY)

Thanks pardalinum. I'm going back to her site now.

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