oriental 'albany' and baby bulbs

karen64(6b)October 24, 2006

Hi, I purchased half price a pot of oriental hybrid lily 'albany'. There were three "dead" stalks sticking out of the pot so I needed to divide. The pot was very rootbound and once i pulled the stuck together plants/roots out, I ran under water to get some of the dirt off and figure out who belonged to who. I had to tear at the roots a bit to separate and once I had 3 large bulbs, each with significant roots, I placed these in large pots with dirt. Now within the dirt I found about 17 tiny bulbs I guess they are, with tiny roots forming from them. They were mostly underneath the large bulbs, only a couple growing around the base of the bulbs. Various sizes ranging from pea size to less than a pea to a couple slightly larger than a pea. Alot were slightly smaller than a pea. I placed each of these in its own styrofoam cup with moistened peat, planted about 2 times its size in depth. They are outside for the winter as I assume they need to be frozen? Is inside a covered gazebo okay to keep them from getting overly wet or do I need the wetness. Thought they did not like too much moisture. What can I expect as far as growth rate if any and what should I alter? Thank you for your help. Karen

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You got a bonus. This usually happens when stores sell left-over plants at seasons end. 20 for the price of 1 1/2. I assume you planted ALL of them outside. Wheather in pots or in ground leave all 20 of them out there. The Smaller "baby" bulbs will grow to a full size bulb in 3 years. Or 4. Some of them may bloom in the first year since you got them in the ground in the fall. The original 3 parents are no problem, they are fine. The growth rate on the new ones should be close to 100%. Their heighth will range from 6" to 18" depending on their planted size and next years weather. Some will bloom the first year with only 1 flower, maybe 2 if you get lucky. Others may have only foliage. DO NOT over water Lilies. Better to be too dry than too wet. What should you alter? My personal choice is NOT pots. I just like the natural look but yours will be ok in pots if you like. If you plant them in the ground don't plant them too deep. Lilies will pull themselves down by the roots to a desired depth so if you must be wrong on the proper depth its better too shallow than too deep. i have no experience with growing perennials inside. But I'd guess that you should bring then inside next spring from 50 degrees too 80 to quickly. warm them up gradually if possible. But thats a guess I do outside only. And go buy a few more of those leftovers. The "NEW" bulbs will have their own bulbils the 4th year.

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Thank you, that was helpful! I did not understand what you were referring to with regard to growing inside but maybe I made it seem like I was growing them inside. The gazebo is just a freestanding structure outside, no screen and not enclosed, only has a roof over it so I figured it would keep water off of them but they would still be in the cold. The reason I put them in styrofoam cups is just to keep track of them for now. I figured they would come up little and my garden area is a mixed perennial/shrub bed and they would simply be forgotten about or lost when other stuff comes up. the big guys I have in large pots too because honestly, I need to make a new gardenbed, the one I have is packed even after I divided this fall. What would you say is a good companion for lily? Do these type of lily bloom early and if so, I might need something that grows in by summer planted in front of them to cover stalks? I do this with Peony since their foliage gets funky by high summer, and I have Sedum in front of it that grows by the time the blooms have faded. Thanks,karen

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Campanion for your Liles? Heard that question so much in 25 years. "What would look nice with my XXXX plant?" Well I don't know that answer. I tell people "if blue looks good with orange to your eye then go for it." Personal taste. My Lily spaces are rather large, bathroom size (5 of them). After the flowers are gone and the foliage starts to die off I agree it can get a bit ragged looking. I planted these in with the lilies: Asters, Mums, Tulips, Nanus Glads (winter hardy gladiolus, real cool looking and bloom after the Lily until frost), Siberian Iris, others. A word about the Nanus Glads: sold as winter hardy glads but the blooms are not as crowded on the stem. The are very tall at 4' to 5' for me. They have a tendency to flop over so I leave the stalks from the "liliums"( bulb lily) so the Nanus will have something to rest on. I hate stakes in the garden. I found an old dead stump in the woods and set that in the middle of the LILIUMS and put the Nanus glads around that. The Nanus multiply great and the new plants look like grass so be careful what you put up is actually grass. The question of what looks good with what is hard to answer. 25 years ago all I bought was 8 red tulips to have color in the yard. That looked so good that the 3rd year I went nuts and bought 2000 bulbs of all sorts of things. So after I dug up half the lawn I had no idea what to put where. So I got the grand kids up (4 & 5 at the time) and dumped all the bulbs and plants in a trash can and had them throw the things in the empty garden. Where ever they landed they were planted. Things had to be moved around a bit but it was fine. My neighbor thinks my white Shasta Daisy looks dumb in with the purple Siberian Iris but I like it. All I do now is pull the weeds. The garden grows where it wants. But maybe you like everything in nice straight rows. Fine for you. My neighbors likes circles of things. I prefer naturally "tossed". LOL! Your Lilies should be fine in the gazebo. Good idea to keep too much water off the babies and keeping tract of them.
You need another garden?? LOL!!! You are hooked. "Albany" should bloom the same time Stargazer does. My next chore will be digging up everything for the move. I am so sick of the cold and cost of New York state. My wife of 2 years is from West Virginia. We are moving there by December 2007. And I'm not leaving all these thousands of plants for the new owner. sigh!!!!! dig dig dig.

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