LA hybrids in the desert?

tugbrethilOctober 7, 2009

I have had good luck growing Asiatic lilies here in the oven of North America, and L. longiflorum even does well enough in the right soil and microclimate, but I have had a hard time getting sensible info on how the LA hybrids do in really hot climates. The growers all tell me things like "they do fine here" (coastal California) or "they love them in Georgia". I would like something to help me decide where and how to plant them here. Info from areas with seriously hot summers, say central Florida, southwest Texas, southern Arizona, southeastern California, even eastern Oregon would be extremely welcome! Thank you! : )

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Aww, c'mon, hasn't anyone tried to grow these in a hot climate?! How about the southern Central Valley of California? Or a little inland from the Gulf Coast? Anywhere? Please help! : )

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I am following you around :) I would like to know the answers too. You might should post in each region you mentioned above and see what people say? Please keep me informed. Thanks!

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Hey there, stomp! Check out the response from the folks in the lower Rio Grande Valley on the Texas Gardening forum ("LA lilies in hot climates?") Mostly they recommend them on the strength of the fact that Easter lilies work there, 'though one seems to have gotten some LA's by accident--and they're working out! Will provide more info as available. : ])

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