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chrisking73October 14, 2009


I am brand new to this site and my knowledge of plants is very limited so please be patient with me.

I have a Asiatic Lily on my roof terrace. It is in a ceramic container with miracle grow top soil. I water it regually and it is well drained. It does not get too much sun because it is not that sunny in this country. However when it is sunny it gets full sun.

It had lots of pretty flowers when I brought it and after a few weeks all the flowers fell off. We are now in autumm going into winter. It is now turing a yellow brown colour and I mean everything is turning this colour all the stems included. Does this mean it is dying? Or will the flowers come back next year?

Thanks a lot.


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Hi Chris, I have several hundred Asiatic lilies in my yard and I don't know about your place, whether you have a yard or only a terrace. However, each of the Asiatic lilies bloom for about 2-3 weeks and for my climate, mostly in July and then lose their flowers. The leaves of the lily feed the lily bulb and as summer goes on, the leaves and stems die and when they are totally dry, I pull off the stems. Any Lilies I have that are in a container I take them out and plant them in the ground in the fall to over winter. Asiatic lilies are very hardy here in our Zone 3 gardens and multiply quite quickly. Stan

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