Finding 3 similar JM'S

greenhavenrdgardenJanuary 3, 2013

I would like to plant 3 different Japanese maples. Dwarf or small size trees. Any color or leaf shape is fine (and I hope I can find 3 with varying leaves) but I want the 3 trees to have similar shape/size/silhouettes. When I google the trees I see close up pics of the leaves or young trees. I'm having a hard time figuring out what these trees grow into.
The trees will be in part sun. A somewhat protected site. The only shape I am not interested in planting is a wide weeping tree. I'm in zone 6a/b (right on the line). In general JM's do excellent here.
Does anyone here have any suggestions of trees with different leaf shapes or colors but similar silhouettes and size?

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To clarify this a little, there is a house nearby that has 3 mature JM's across the front of their property. The trees all have different leaves and I find them to be stunning. The first 2 are vase shaped-1green 1red. The 3rd is an upright tree and also stunning but ever time I drive by I think how much nicer they would look if all three had the same shape. It's almost like looking at a smile with a wonky tooth-just a little off.
I want to copy this house but use 3 trees with similar shapes.
Thanks for any help anyone can give.
Happy New Year!!

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Although I don't share your need to have three trees that all look very similar in form - half the desirability of a collection of JM's is the range of variables in their appearance - with the zillions of cultivars on the market, I can't imagine it would be difficult to find three that did share a very similar growth habit. I'd suggest visiting your best Japanese maple nursery in your area this spring once the new trees come in and find three that fit your needs. Up close and personal is always the best way to pick trees for specific attributes, rather than by mail order or long distance.

You should also be aware that growth habits are not always cast in concrete. These are living organisms afterall and as such, growing conditions can greatly influence the manner of growth and appearance. It's not like you are picking out furniture...........nor should you want it to be :-)

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