Moving Casa Blanca

susanlynne48(OKC7a)October 23, 2005

Hi, everyone. I have several asiatics, orientals, formosanum, cardiocrinum, that I grow, but when I first began growing several years ago, I made a boo boo and planted a Casa Blanca in the front garden, which has since grown up around it. I really need to move it to a more "prominent" location where it will get more sun, and I can actually "see" it. I always smell it. The fragrance is undeniably sweet.

Now it's fall and everything is dying back around it, and I wondered if now would be a good time to dig it up. I'm afraid if I wait until spring, I won't have the stalk to remind me of the location.


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pardalinum(z8 PNW)

Just dig down around it and lift the whole thing with the soil around the roots and poke it back in where you want it. Give it a drink to encourage the roots into the new soil. Not much different from moving any perennial in the fall. Just be careful you don't slice into the bulb. I just hate the sound of that "crunch"!

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Okay, will make the attempt. I have always heard that you should dig at least 8-12" away from the stem because the bulb may not be directly under the stem?? Is this sound advice?


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pardalinum(z8 PNW)

Yes, dig a little ways out from the stem. If the stem accidently breaks off, don't worry. Just go ahead and replant the bulb and mark where it is.

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Oh this well be great cause you can give the new spot lots of new soil with new nutrients for a great bloom next year. I would think Vitamine B1 would also be a good idea.
Good luck I hope it goes well for you

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Thanks, Mysticmoon. B1 - is that a Schultz product? Seems I've heard of it, but it's been awhile ago.


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