Alternative pole bean structures

deanriowa(4b)September 14, 2007

I have limited garden space and I am trying to think of alternative pole bean planting structures, other then the standard Pole bean tee-pees.

Hear are a few I think might work for me:

1) Unused dog kennel, Dog likes it better tied to tree(I know spoiled dog)

2) Pine Trees that have no low limbs.

3) Unused telephone pole on edge of my property in alley.

Do you have any others.



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If you try the pine I suspect you'll have problems with the roots competing with beans' roots.

If you use the telephone pole, I bet you could run wires or durable twine to it and make a modified teepee. Beware of using non durable twine. I once strung up my beans using baling twine. Halfway through the summer the twine gave out and my beans were a mess since they tangled up before I could string them again.

I REALLY like cattle panels. I use a couple of T posts and secure the panel one them, like a fence, but several inches off the ground. This makes for a 16' wall of beans. I plan on picking up at least one more cattle panel a year.

A friend of mine used an elaborate combination of two cattle panels with stakes and made a 32' arch, which he could stand under and pick beans. It's really impressive.

Also, using re-mesh (concrete reinforcing wire) I make 5' tall tomato cages. These not only work for tomatoes. They're also good for beans. But they must be staked, or they'll fall over in a high wind.

There have to be more good ideas out there. Looking forward to hearing of them!

Tahlequah, OK

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jimster(z7a MA)

The simplest and the one with the smallest footprint is a single eight foot long pole stuck in the ground with six seeds planted around the base of it. No teepee. I have been using these successfully, although I may try something just a bit more elaborate next time.


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vertical is in! i use 8 foot fence posts, 2x4" fencing for the first 4 ft., then 4x6" tomato fence that comes in 4 ft x 20 ft. rolls- 2 tiers get you to 12 ft. the top 4 ft hang over to form a bower that i support with ropes up to my deck( the garden is just outside the walkout basement) some plants are up on the deck railing- about 15 ft high ! give them support and they will go there. of course i need a small ladder to pick some. and this works next year for cukes and maybe squash? the bottom tier supports the 3rd rotation of tomatoes, which is why i use heavier gauge. hope this helps.

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How about planting sunflowers and letting the beans grow up them?

Has anyone done that?

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