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jalfJanuary 11, 2008

I'm still hoping to hear from some of you out there. :) I'm especially looking for a decent sized "Sister Ghost". Any suggestions?

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'Sister Ghost' is a Buchholz selection, as is all of the Ghost series, so will have a much greater availability on the west coast. All the online sources I could find for this plant were located on the west coast, so perhaps mailorder is the route to go if you are desperate for this particular cultivar. Perhaps some larger nurseries in your area buy directly from Buchholz & Buchholz, but I'd guess the trees would be quite juvenile and still rather small. Maybe someone more local can recommend a maple speciality nursery in your area that carries less common cultivars, but I think you may be looking at mail order. All of the Ghost series are still pretty uncommon selections, even out here in Japanese maple country.

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Dear Garden Gal, You're right; I'm not finding much out this way. Mail order is fine and I use it frequently, but I was hoping to find Sister Ghost somewhere around here so that I could see it before I buy. Thanks!

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

Della has put in for about 4 Gister Ghost from her wholesaler...whether she will get "any" is a may want to email her at ... she will be picking up her orsder in march I think. She is likely the only person who will ship a larger /older SG and she is on the east coast...Her trees are 4+ years old ...but I wouldn't expect anything real large as far as Siter Ghost is pretty new /rare / and in demand...If you can live with a first year graft contact John Herter at he has been offering many of the Ghost series on Ebay ( don't know if Sister Ghost has been or not) there are a bundle of those Ghosts. I gurantee you if you get it from him it will be tiny and need alot of attention. On the West coast they are available but a bit pricey for their size which generally is small even there

Oh if anyone is looking for rare Jm's they can contact Della at the above addy ...she has put in a long list of mostly rare cultuvars this year and should find out shortly which ones she will be getting...She would be more than happy to send you the complete "request list" ( don't get your hopes up though that they will be on the "got" list) and / or the actual 'will get" list when available so you can actually reserve a tree... David

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