Acer palmatum 'Tamukeyama'

tamuk_fan1000January 16, 2008

Hey eveyone I'm new here but I wanted to let people know that I found a place online that sells these trees even in Winter!

Here's a linkhref>

They are 39.99 shipped! 2-3'

Just passing on the word as this is my favorite tree!!

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

This "sounds" like a descent deal with a caviats ...

#1 size of both plant and container is all kind of nebulous...a trees value is in size and branching neither of which can be known from the web site info. A high grafted 1 year old graft in a gallon container May only be inches tall with little or no branching and weeping to it and it's measurment may include the roots ( you need to know graft height ,year of grafting, and height from soil level to top of tree and whether it is well branched !!).... ...

#2 This is a one gal bare root tree ( what ever that means!!)...This time of year shipping plants with bare roots is dicey may arrive a frozen mess ...and if you live north you can't and shouldn't plant out so you got to pot it ...which is a mess in winter I can tell you that from experience...frozen bags of soil or your own mix is no fun to pot up!!!
#3 free shipping is a good deal but remember it is a bare root plant ...usps is pretty cheap w/o pot and soil .

This is a good example of how careful you should be buying off the internet ...

These folks might be heaven sent ... but generally speaking these types of "measurements" really can be deceptive and mean little and the deal you are often getting is NOT what is portrayed... always ask type/height of graft ( if seed grown PASS) branching structure...and what year it was grafted ( remember most growers cheat on this... a two year graft must have TWO FULL growing seasons to be called a two year graft so a tree grafted in hmarch of 2006 is NOT two years old til winter or spring of 2008 IMHO ...not the fall of first year like many do!!!!) Photos really help unless you have dealt with a specific person at a nursery for several years and they know your tastes and what is a "good" deal...and give you one on one service...

If all you are intersted in is cheap price you will likely get what you pay for in most cases not that there is anything wrong with that ...

This, as some of you know is a sore point/ pet peeve with me as I see so much deception on the net in reguards to JM's so if I sound peeved got that right. As I said this may be a great company but red flags should always be raised when you see this sort of too good to be true info that gives benchmarks and sales points that have little or no meaning... Just a general word of caution ...buyer beware!!!! David

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