How to do italics and other fun text stuff

ppod(6 SE NY)September 15, 2008

Scroll down to the post by mwoodscolor>.

Here's how we can convert regular text to italics, color,color> bold, underline, strike, and so on.

The key is using these brackets

 These ( ) brackets are used for illustration only Â

To begin italics: write i between a set of

To stop italics: write /i between a set of

To convert to green text: between brackets, write: font color=green

To stop green text: between brackets, write: /font color


To convert an http address to a link, use this master string, and insert your URL and name of link where indicated:

(a href="")Name of link/description here(/a)

 Replace ( ) brackets with brackets

 Remove all "

For example, convert this address to a link:

 Insert it into the master string

 Insert name of link

 Replace all ( ) with

(a href= good question about italics(/a)

....and when replacing the illustration ( ) brackets with the correct brackets, GW converts the string to a link:

A good question about italics

Hope it works for you too!

Here is a link that might be useful: How to do italics and other fun text stuff

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Hi Ppod.

People can also open their link in a new window with:

(A HREF="" TARGET="_blank")description of the link goes here(/A)

again, replacing ( ) with .

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