innoculation and apios americana

wild_foragerSeptember 17, 2008

I am growing a groundnut, also called Apios Americana. It's a legume native to the US, and can be harvested both for peas and for tubers. This is my first time growing it, and it is said that the peas within the pods are edible just like typical garden peas. This year I did nothing special to prepare the soil (it's in a container right now). It's been growing since may and is now a tangled mess and I can see flowers stalks forming.

Since the tubers are the main harvest of this plant, I am wondering what innoculation might do to it. Since the tubers are just a swollen portion of the root, can I expect it to get knotty and weird looking if I innoculate? Would this be ok to eat even if that were the case?

I realize this plant is an unkown to almost everybody, but any help is appreciated.

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jimster(z7a MA)

Since neither I nor anyone else here actually knows the answers, I will take some guesses. I doubt that inoculation would become any more unshapely with inoculation than without. I also doubt that inoculation would have an adverse affect on edibility. The inoculant is an organism which occurs naturally in soil. Nearly every bean has it to some extent.

However, I wouldn't go out of my way to introduce inoculant at this stage of your experiment. I don't see it as terribly important.

Assuming the seeds are not readily available, I would try to save as many as possible, and wait to eat them from a future crop.


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