save my peace lily

annahendricksenOctober 1, 2008

I'm ashamed... my peace lily has suffered greatly. ever since i moved from chicago to minneapolis it's growth has dwindled, but the most damage is from my new cat. she has discovered that laying on top of the plant is the most comfortable spot in the house. i've tried to prop up the stems that her 4# body has bent. i don't think there is a way to save those leaves but can i try to re-leaf and re-flower my plant. if i cut off the leaves, will they grow back? help. this is a pretty sentimental plant to me because i received it after my grandfather passed away and i love it very much.


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julie_mn(z4 MN Henn)

Hi Anna-
First off- I would make your cat a better place to lay and protect the plant somehow.
I would guess that you could cut off the damaged leaves with no harm to the plant- I have seen these plants "revitalized" by chopping off all of the foliage and then putting under a bit stronger light and fertilized. New growth comes back healthy and lush.
Fertilizing at this time of the year with the days growing shorter is something I do not do- indoors or out... So that is your call to make.
If the kitty has been using the potted plant for something other than sleeping in- I would re-pot the plant in new soil and wash the roots well.
I do hope you will enjoy living in Minneapolis- Stop by the MN Forum some time too!


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