trumpet lilies

cnid(z5b Ont Canada)October 3, 2005

I am planning to put in some trumpet lilies next spring, finally. I don't notice them being discussed much on this forum. Any reason for that?

Any tips for growing them? Do they like extra peat like the orientals?

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

I grow them just like other lilies. I don't add peat to my planting. They grow well without it in my garden. They are vigorous plants. The tallest ones I have are at least 7'. They do lean sideway a bit but need no staking if grown in full sun. They like afternoon shade at least in my garden. The strong Midwest summer sun bleaches the dark colored blossoms. They are very fragrant as well. The most fragrant one is Lilium regale - I am not quite sure if this is classified as trumpet or species, but it is in trumpet shape.

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hld6(z7 MD)

I have Regale and leucanthum (both species trumpet lilies). They get tall and their stems aren't as thick as orientals, but like orientals their blooms are large, so they will lean if planted in part sun. Also their blooms will orient toward the sun more than orientals.

For example, on the east and west side of my house they face out into my yard. In my west border garden, shaded on the east by a large beech tree, they face my neighbor. Now, my neighbor is a really nice guy and all but, providing "lily charity" isn't what I had in mind when I planted them! :)


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cnid(z5b Ont Canada)

I have Henryi's in the bed I am preparing and they lean despite full sun but that's okay. They also don't reach peak heights because it is so dry here. The wind is brutal though. How are trumpets (which will probably not reach peak heights in my garden) in the wind?

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pitimpinai(z6 Chicago)

I never had any lily snapped in the wind before. By far, rabbits and squirrels are worse enemies.

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hld6(z7 MD)

I have one bulb of White Henryi (a bonus bulb from The Lily Garden) and it's stem is a lot like a trumpet lily stem. (This info will only help you if White Henryi stems are like Henryi stems.) While we aren't esp. windy here in Baltimore my trumpets are definately more flexible than the orientals so I imagine they would survive windy conditions better. How much better I don't know.

A caution on staking. If you stake them - get a tall stake. (I use bamboo from a stand of it on the slope behind my house.) Trumpet lilies are tall once established. A too short stake may cause your stem to break at the point the stake ends (due to their heavy blooms.) This could also be a problem in windy conditions.


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cnid(z5b Ont Canada)

That's a really good point. My stakes are not very tall. I thought I was so clever putting them in the ground before planting the lilies.

We actually had gale force winds here last week that knocked over very thick asiatics. Mind you, they are at the end of the season and beginning to weaken. But it was weird to see them flattened.

I think trumpets will be a whole new adventure! Aren't lilies amazing?

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