Source for Georgia Long Cowpea?

arley_gwSeptember 23, 2013

I've read a few posts about the edible podded Georgia Long cowpea.

Anyone know where there is seed available for purchase?

If I can't find those, I'll probably go with some other long bean like Red Noodle.

This year I grew Fortex, Gold of Bacau and Musica, and all did okay.. (Gold of Bacau was the tenderest and most delicate, but also the least productive) I'm looking for something more suited for hot & humid summers here (although this summer was unusually cool and wet).

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rdback(Z6 VA)

Hello Arley.

Both grew well for me, with the Chinese Red Noodle being slightly more prolific. Being cowpeas, they should do well in SC. I have seed for both.

Happy to send a sample of each.

E-mail your info if you're still interested.


Georgia Long

Chinese Red Noodle

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emmers_m(9a/Sunset 7 N Cal)

rdback, I'm curious - do you walk into a lot of spiderwebs in your beautiful bean tunnel?


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rdback(Z6 VA)

Hello emmers.

Yeah, I run into webs every once in a while. In fact, I ran into this gal just the other day when I was picking cowpeas *smile*.


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