Asiatic lily about to bloom in Zone 5!

linnea56(z5 IL)October 31, 2008

I planted an Asiatic lily this spring which due to the late planting made buds very late. IÂm happy it made buds at all because many of the others did little or nothing except some short stalks. Another bulb of the same variety bloomed in mid September.

It has 3 buds and IÂm looking forward to seeing a lily blooming in November! We had enough frost to zap the dahlias and many annuals but these buds do not seem affected. I donÂt think I could repeat this again if I tried.

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joshuaslc(Zn6 utah)

Just a word of warning with old man winter getting ready to hit i would pick off the buds so the bulb can put more energy into next year's bloom. Unless you bring it inside. Then you could keep it. If you don't next year bloom will be quite dismill compared to this year.

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