does this japanese maple exist?

Robes22January 25, 2013

Hi this is my first post..I've been trying to research Japanese maples but haven't found an answer to my questions so I figured I would post here.

My wife and I live in new Hampshire and love the foliage. I am in the process of landscaping our new home and wanted to put a japanese maple in our backyard... Can anyone tell me
if there is a species/cultivator that fits the following criteria:
1) bright red all year, I love the bright red color of Japanese maples but I hate that burgundy, wine, dusty red purple color. No green either.
2) atleast 6 feet tall when it is matured.
3) grows upright ...not weeping
4) grows in full sun
5) grows well in southern new hampshire

If you have any pics of the answers that would be great. If not I can try and look up the species you reply with.

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i too am in southern new my knowledge, japanese maples basically come in two main colors, "red or green" and two main shapes, "upright or weeping". these colors are basically the summer color in the northeast as spring colors vary tremendously as do fall colors. the red i am referring to in the summer is, for the most part, BURGUNDY OR WINE in coloration. real red does occur in, SHIN DESHOJO, or fall (many varieties) . here's a good place to hunt, there are many....try forest after this one :)

Here is a link that might be useful: mendocino maples

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ill look into those.. thanks for your reply

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