Planting lily seeds--Indoors or out?

botanicatNovember 4, 2007

I have some Asiatic lily seeds that I am going to try to plant but was wondering if I should plant in pots outside or inside. Do the seeds need the cold period like the bulbs? And if outside, is it better to plant directly into the bed or in pots. I'm in zone 7b. Thanks for your help.

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Asiatic seed doesn't need any chilling before it germinates - it should come up within a few weeks of sowing providing the temperature is right. So, only sow it indoors if you can keep it growing over winter (cool temps & good light). Otherwise I'd suggest waiting for spring.

As to whether you sow it directly into the soil or not - that depends on your soil, etc. Direct sowing into a nursery bed is usually preferable if you feel confident & have the space. If you decide to use a pot, make it a large one - with reasonable quantities of seed sowing into a styrofoam box is a good idea, since the soil in it keeps more stable temps and moisture content.

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Thanks, Kayman. I may try a few indoors but for most I will wait till spring. My home may not be cool enough although I have a room with a good bit of light.

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If pods fall from the lilly before blooming are the seeds inside "plantable?

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hld6(z7 MD)

Hi Ladybug,

If they haven't opened at all it is very doubtful that they are fertile, since I don't think the pollen inside would have ripened and it couldn't get pollen from any other lily. You can always "candle" them just to check. Hold them up to the light and see if you see a little dark strip down the. That's the embryo.


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