Dodging elements/wk schedule: are my lilies worth planting?

phylrae(z5a/centralNYS)November 21, 2007

I got all my lily bulbs and tulip bulbs ready to plant about 3 weeks ago...dipped in Ropel etc.

Dot Com asiatic, speciosum rubrum/album

Excelsior oriental

I am so disappointed..I was going to try to FINALLY plant them today (I've been dodging rain/snow and darkness falling before I get home from work and a hard family situation we didn't foresee that has taken a lot of personal time)...

I looked today, and the roots are pretty dried out. I should have put them back in the peat mixture, but thought they'd be ok. I don't know HOW dry is too dry to bother with. The bulbs themselves are moist, but the roots are dry.

Is it TOO LATE to bother with the lilies? Should I just concentrate on getting the tulips in instead?



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It is not too late if your Lily bulbs are not severely dehydrated. I would plant Lilies first, then tulips. Lilies are more expensive and more rewarding (IMHO) than tulips. If your soil is not frozen, go ahead and plant them. Dehydration might cause delay in the next year blooming. Or they might not bloom at all next year. Asiatic and speciosum are very tolerable. Make sure that they will have excellent drainage.
You can plant tulips any time later if your soil is workable. They will bloom for you if they will have 6-8 weeks of cold period before spring. Same thing: good drainage is crucial for them to survive.

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Thanks, Alina. I got them planted a few days later, then it really started snowing. Husband got 1/2 the species tulips planted FOR me...found himself an electric auger/drill thingee. That really helped, a lot.
I appreciate your advice! :0) Phyl

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Phyl, good luck with your bulbs! I still did not plant some of my Tulips and Daffs. I do not trust my DH to plant for me :-) He "helped" me already with weeding: he removed some of my precious Lilies...

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