Help with Lily identification.

dshieldsNovember 9, 2009

In the fall of 2007 I bought several lily bulbs from one of my local nurseries, they were labeled "Birthday Lily". I forgot to get the scientific name of the lily before I left. Since then they have bloomed beautifully (below are links to 2 pictures that I took this year).

I have not found them on the internet and I tried at the nursery where I bought them and 3-4 other local nurseries with no success. Is there a possibility that you can correctly identify the "Birthday Lily" for me?

here are links to the 2 picutres I took this summer:

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The pics look like a member of the Trumpet hybrid group, but I can't I.D. it in any more detail. Maybe knowing the group will mean fewer pics to look through on Google, anyway!
Happy hunting! : )

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This looks exactly what I have! Oriana from Brent & Beckys bulbs. They smell great, they are called orienpets they are orientals crossed with trumpets. I had to move mine late in the summer, I hope they bloom again for me this summer.

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