fireglow vs moonfire vs red flash

Robes22January 26, 2013

I am new to japanese maples and am looking for an upright maple that is really bright red for as much of the year as possible and less of the purple red that I see common to the bloodgoods. From my research online it seems like fireglow, moonfire or red flash may best suit what I am looking for as far as color... I would like it to be over 6 feet when mature, and I am located in southern NH. the tree would most likely be in full sun to part sun. can anyone with experiences with these three cultivators please give me some advice? also if you have one of these and have any pictures of it I would love to see them.. thanks so much for your time

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Cher(6 SW OH)

I have Fireglow and the color is brighter than Bloodgood. I would not call it red but instead a bright burgundy most of the year.



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Thanks so much for the reply. Beautiful tree. What color is it in the spring and fall? From what I read that looks like the summer color and then in the spring and fall it is a bright red is that right? I haven't been able to find a tree that is bright red in the spring summer and fall

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Cher(6 SW OH)

I definitely would not call it red. It is bright burgundy in Spring. I thought I had a photo to show it brighter but if I do it's in an overall garden photo that I didn't see easily in my file, but it's much brighter than this shade but the Spring photo here is not real clear as you can see, but again burgundy. I would never call this tree red and it doesn't change to red in the Fall either. I love it because it's such nice consistent color through the seasons going a little darker burgundy through the seasons until what you see in the Fall photo.

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Maybe it is a regional/climate thing, but I would disagree with the above. IME, 'Fireglow' is much more into the scarlet/red tones than 'Bloodgood'. It leafs out a pretty intense cherry red in spring, matures to a somewhat deeper color in summer and has a rich, ruddy copper cast in fall - they didn't name it 'Fireglow' for nothing!!

'Moonfire' is similar but maybe not as intensely colored.

Do a Google image search - you can see the richer, less maroon coloring of Fireglow pretty well in many of the photos.

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