A.p. 'Fairyhair' and A.p. 'Baby Lace'

ic_conifersJanuary 18, 2008

Does anyone have either of these? I'm thinking about adding them to my collection in 2008, provided that most of the babies I bought in October 2007 make it through okay. It seems I can only find 'Fairyhair' and 'Baby Lace' in 2-year grafts, nothing older. Both seem to be two of the pricier varieties, so I would like to hear others' impressions. I would be container growing both.



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amazindirt(7A mid-TN)

I do not own either, but I visit a 'Fairy Hair' frequently at the UT Gardens.

It is definitely an attention grabber -- if you can find the poor tiny thing amongst the other, bigger plants. The leaves are definitely thread-fine. I'll also be interested in seeing it if it survives to greater age.

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I have a small 'baby lace', and although it is small and I have only had it for a couple of years it is one of my favorites. The texture is quite different from most other dissectums because of the combination of large and small leaves, and the colors are interesting but difficult to describe. I haven't seen the white pinkish cloudy coloration, but pinks and oranges have been very attractive in spring and on new growth. I expected it to be rather weak but it withheld this brutal summer heat better than several other dissectums in my collection. Nevertheless I would give it some protection from cold and afternoon sun.

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picea(6A Cinci- Oh)

Fairy Hair is very expensive because of the lack of grafting wood. Baby lace should be less so. I would grow both in pots in general and definately in zone 5A.

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Hi Elizabeth,

I bought a 'Fairyhair' last year. Paid way too much for a tiny thing. Sam at Eastfork nursery mentioned that she was going to sell this cultivar in the spring, she is a reliable, quality vendor. I've never seen a larger size offered for sale. The plant i purchased was in a 3" pot for $$$.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pic of larger 'Fairyhair'

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Hi Elizabeth,

I have both a Fairy Hair (2 yrs.) and Baby Lace (5 yrs.) and they both are great JM's. Both are in containers and I would protect Fairy Hair from harsh weather. My Baby Lace has withstood Pacific Northwest winters with no problems so far. It gets full sun and seems to thrive.

Also, I think the reason your only seeing up to two yr. varieties is because they all are sold out before they get beyond two yrs. And your right they are very expensive. I would also put a plug in for Sam at Eastfork Nursery. She does have very good JM's as I've purchased a few from her! Nice quality, as she takes pride in the maples she sells.

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