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paula_b_gardener 5b_ON(5b)June 18, 2012

Just picked up a couple today of Hostas today. I read in the 'You know you are a hostaholic when...' thread today and the one that definitely applies is the following: "when you buy more hosta even though you have many waiting to be planted". :)

The final pic is for fun, I dug up my 3 minis and moved them to this container and I think it is cute.

Fire and Ice

Fragrant Bouquet

All of the patiently waiting hostas, they look like ducks in a row, lol.

In the container, I planted Might Mouse, Holy Mouse Ears and Frosted Mouse Ears. I have Blue Mouse Ears, too but it is big now so I will take a little piece next spring.

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Your plants are so healthy looking - the Fire and Ice is gorgeous! Love the snail amongst your minis, lol!

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paula_b_gardener 5b_ON(5b)

Thanks! I answered your mulch question on the other thread. If I could remember, I would put the answer here, too. Memory is getting quite bad - lol!

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That Fire & Ice is gorgeous. I almost think that plant looks better with fewer eyes. Too many eyes and too crowded, and you can't tell how twisted and "firey" the plant is.

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

Wonderful, wonderful 'Fire and Ice'. It's absolutely glowing. Also love your arrangement of mice.

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paula_b_gardener 5b_ON(5b)


After seeing the pictures in here on this forum of Montana 'aureomarginata' I bought that one today, too. (sheepish grin).

Oh yes, and did I mention Rainforest Sunrise? I bought that one, too.
btw - I know there are warnings about buying from such places but I thought the Fire and Ice was stunning so I picked it up at shhhh WalMart. I have read enough on here to know to keep it in a pot separate from everything else for about 3 years. All of my hostas come from reputable growers who test so I am not having all of my efforts go to waste but the plant was so beautiful and $8.88

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Great looking buys

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bernd ny zone5

H.m.'Aureomarginata' will look much better in one or 2 years. I planted mine in some shade and covered it thick with mulch so it does not come up earlier than the last frost. Bernd

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Fire and Ice is in pristine condition, and yes it GLOWS!!! I agree. Breathtaking.

Who said they would post about the mulch but they forgot.....?
It reminds me of my husband's definition of Irish forget everything except the grudges....but on here, you forget everything but the hostas. heheheh

I had two deliveries today, of auction hosta from HL Auctions. Which I will mention in the "big reveal" (as they say on HGTV) tomorrow when I have time to take pictures.

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irawon(5a Ottawa)

Paula b, I forgot to tell you that my 'Fire and Ice developed two green eyes two years ago. I dug them out and planted them elsewhere. The two green eyes returned the next year as 'Fire and Ice'. The variegation returned. So if that should happen to you don't throw out those green eyes. Replant them. If I had twisted and torn those green leaves out, what would have occurred the following year? Would F&I have returned as full as before? Does anyone know?

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paula_b_gardener 5b_ON(5b)

Thanks for the tip irawon because I would have tossed them. In fact, my Revolution has sprung a couple of green leaves which I have promptly ripped off and tossed away.

btw. Found and bought Wheee! and Sum of All today :)

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