Is there southern peas more suited to green shelled stage eating

lakedallasmary(8 - North Central TX)September 9, 2006

I planted black eyed peas cause I love black eyed peas. I do not digest beans well in the dry stage (even if soaked). So I have been eating these in the green stage, either as a snap, or a green shelled bean. I do not like them as snaps, and they are not much better as green shelled beans. I am just getting them in, since the summer was so hot they sort of when dormant on me, since it was over 95 degrees most of the summer.

I also have planted rice peas, and texas longhorn (supposed to be the same as or similar to big red ripper) Do either of these taste better in the breen stage? I am a new gardener, so sorry of the questions seem silly. These have not come in yet. should be soon though.

I read the descriptions in the seed catalogs, and not much clues if various southern peas would work well as a green shelled bean.

I do wonder if my california black eyed peas would taste any better in the dry stage. If not, I plan to not even pick them anymore.

Any help in the this area would surely be appreciated, thanks.

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mojogardener(z6a / KS)

Try another southern pea like the Brown Crowder.

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gardenlad(6b KY)

Mary, there are something on the order of 240 varities of cowpeas. I haven't groen thme all, of course. But I have grown a fair sampling.

In my opinion, every other variety tastes better than black eyed peas.

I'd recommend you try Whipperwill next time. It's at the top of the pile among those I've grown.

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I wanted to ask gardenlad what his favorite cowpea was. because in reading the forums I could see he had a lot of experience and experience goes a long way. The only cow pea I have ever grown has been the black eye pea. I like all my beans and peas green.
I found that whippoorwill is hard to find. I am sure you save your seeds but if you know were I can purchase them please let me know.
Thank you

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lakedallasmary(8 - North Central TX)

I looked up my question on the web. I did not find the answer to it, but I did find out I was harvesting my southern peas too soon. I have been picking them, when shells are green. The site says to pick when yellowy green. Is that correct?

baker's seeds has Whippoorwille Seeds

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gardenlad(6b KY)

Mel, I have Whippoorwill I can sell you. Contact me privately @

A couple of comments on the link to Baker Creek.

First, I don't know where he got that 36" figure on Blue Goose. BG is the most rampant cowpeas I've ever grown. It makes my Red Ripper, with its 15+ foot vines, seem like a bush varity.

Myrtle Bates came to Baker Creek indirectly from the Appalachian Heirloom Seed Conservancy, and they were supposed to acknowledge that source---but didn't. If you want to grow it (it's a great cowpea, btw), and would rather support a non-profit seed preservation group than a commercial seed house, contact me at the same address and I'll tell you how.

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I have grown several varieties of peas. I have 73 in my collection. I agree with garden lad and have mentioned it here before Blackeye is my least favorite. Just lacks taste and unless well seasoned is mealy tasting. I would go with the purple hull pinkeye instead. Whipporwill is excellent in the shelly stage. I prefer it as a shelly pea than a dry pea. As a dry pea when cooked it just never appealed to me.I have three whipporwill varieties. To me the crowders are probably tops, cream peas next than the eye types. The time to pick peas is when the pods have turned from green to either cream, yellow or purple depending on the variety. Peas picked in the green pod stage can be used as snaps either cooked along with the shelled peas or alone boiled in seasoned water same as green beans or stir fried. There is a lot of different tastes in the various field peas. I have a holstein pea (white and black like the cow) that has a taste similar to boiled peanuts. I will have probaby 20 varieties of peas at the Appalachian heirloom seed conservancy next month. I want to trade so bring lots of beans peas tomatoes etc. and Gardenlad I want some of them pink tip beans. Rodger

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gardenlad(6b KY)

I'll be sure to include them, Roger.

Hard to believe the conference is less than a month away. Doesn't time fly, as they say.

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Yard long beans or Chinese long beans are the same species as southern peas and were developed in the Orient for eating green; when the pods are immature. They are tender and well flovored. I don't like them quite as well as real green beans, but unlike green beans they grow well in hot, infertile sand. They require a trellis. They continud to grow vigorously in my garden during the heat wave this summer that defeated almost all the other crops.

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