Maples are unhealthy

strudeldog_gwJanuary 16, 2009

Anyone else suffering Bodily aches and pains today as a result of too many Maples hurried into their garage over the past couple days? My back may not recover and the 30 GAL pot I could not handle did a number on my foot. I said I was not going to move about the 100+ in pots this winter, but the coldest forcast in a few years here local, I would not have forgiven my self. But glad I did 9 degrees at light this morning I am sure I would have been grieving come spring. Still that sub-zero look from your wife arriving home to realize she is parking outside on the coldest night of this season may be the exceed the physical pains

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More like POTTED maples are unhealthy! LOL!

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I know the feeling. I spent about a hour moving potted maples into my garage as well. I usually end up doing it every January when the forecast calls for lows much below 20 F. I would leave them outside if I knew the temps would get no lower than 17-18, but would rather not take the chance. As it turned out, we had lows of 11 and 13 on consecutive nights, so it was probably a good thing I moved them.

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