Tree started to leaf out! What to do?

marchela(Z6, NJ)January 25, 2008


I recently purchased 2 maples from ebay. A purchased from the same seller before - always a good quality at good price. This time, when the trees arrived, I ponted out that the one of them, "Ueno Yama", started to leaf out (the other trees are still in dormant condition). I planted it in a pot and keep in attached sun room along with 6 other JMs. The day temperature in sun room is around 5-7°C and 0°C at night. I just realized that Ueno Yama continue to leaf out. The February didn't begin yet and it's usually the coldest month in our zone. What should I do with the tree if the leaves will unfurl fully in the next couple weeks!?

Thank you very much in advance.

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picea(6A Cinci- Oh)

If you have an attached garage that doesn't get below freezing but stays very cool I would place it there. If not you might gave to bring it inside. If it is leafing out it must have had a long enough cold period. By the way who did you purchase from?


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myersphcf(z6a IL)

This is a common problem buying mail order.since many growers are from milder climates..but unusual for this early ... those that buy from etailers in winter or early spring should always request dormant trees or better yet have delivery when weather warms to a point you can be comfortable with ...for me that is mid April... just remember if you are an impatient type always check to see that they are dormant ...the same in late fall,,,but remember they may not be as dormant as you think depending on how cold it still is (spring ) or for how long (fall) at their point of origin I have biought several in late fall early winter from the west coast that were not nearly hardened enough to be planted out and survive...David

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Where are you located? Maybe if you are close enough to me you can bring them over and put them in my greenhouse.


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