Forcing lily bulbs?

clickermel(z6a SW Ohio)November 22, 2005

I am about to acquire a small refrigerator, to be used for forcing bulbs (mainly spring bulbs). I've never tried any of this before so it shall be a grand experiment!

I also just purchased some oriental and asiatic lilies at a box store (couldn't help myself) at close-out prices. It's pretty cold here (in the 40s during the day) so it's likely too cold to plant them outdoors now . . .

I'd like to see if these can be forced. Anyone have any helpful hints on whether this is possible? I know commercial gardeners can do it, but I am not sure about whether this can be done at home.

If anyone has any info, please share!

:-) Mel

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I would imagine it's possible, but most likely difficult , since as far as I know , only greenhouses do it, and since lilies require at least two months of growth with very bright sunny conditions you'd need a warm sunny spot to get blooms most likely. Not easy in the average home in the winter or spring!!! Usually bulbs which mature very quickly from the time they emerge to the time they bloom are the usual ones forced.

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clickermel(z6a SW Ohio)

Bummer -- that will have to wait until I get a light setup (hopefully next year . . . )

Is it too late to plant, or will they be OK, since they are planted so deep?


:-) Mel

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You can plant as long as the soil is workable. Plant bulb 5-6 inches deep. You can go deeper on larger bulbs!

It's really tought to force Lilies in the home. While you can get them chilled properly, they need specific temperatures for proper bud development and it's difficult to get the right amount of light for them to grow properly.

Just get them in the ground and mulch them well after planting. They are hardy bulbs!



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