400 to 175 in Great Britain

labrea_gwFebruary 5, 2013

It was a first vote but it looks quite good 400 to 175 in Great Britain for Marriage Equality.
Margot James A Conservative MP gave a very compelling speech in favor as did several other gay Conservative MP but it was a defeat for Cameron as more than half his party were not in favor. Still he did win the votes of 126 Conservative members I can't imagine anything like that in the US. You know US Conservatives are a curious lot.

Civil Unions already offered all the same rights as marriage but as one Conservative MP (already in a civil union put it) none of you asked your beloved "will you marry me so that we will share in all the legal benefits that marriage offers"

Here is a link that might be useful: Cvility Updated/Upgraded

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Good for them. As Cameron said, it's because he's a conservative that he is in favor of this.

Don't know if it will pass the House of Lords, tho'. Here's hoping.

The U.S. is being shown up by the UK and the European Union in so many ways. I won't list them as most of them are off-topic. And, with the tea-partiers/religious wing-nuts in control of the House, I have no hope of this country ever being number 1 at much of anything anymore, at least in the good things.

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