Is it time yet?

norcalconifersJanuary 24, 2009

Our first market is not until April, and the rest do not really get going until the end of May.

This year we are adding 2 markets to our schedule so we will have 2 markets on tuesday, 1 on wednesday, 1 on thursday, 1 on friday and 2 on saturday. My wife and kids do the second saturday market and they also come and help me with the second market on tuesday when they get out of school.

We havea few flower shows lined up, but even they do not start until the end of March! UGH!

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? Don't you still have to come out of hibernation & see your shadow?

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we have had crazy weather this "winter", more sunshine than rain, so I have stuff busting out with flower buds very early. Makes me yearn for a place to sell them!
Steven (no shadow required)

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bagardens (Ohio, Zone 5b)

End of May seems late for your zone. Our market starts Beginning of June. I can see how it would drive you crazy. That would drive me nuts too if I were you. I am going crazy too but for a different reason. We have over a foot of snow outside. For me I can't wait for the snow to go away, seems like it will never happen. I think every time I look out the window it is snowing. We have been getting snow almost every day here.

Go away snow, go away!

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I just had a local Bonsai club schedule a tour for the middle of Feb. Maybe that will hold me over!
I have a new(to us)prunus mame that is just covered in big fat buds, I am afraid the blooming season for this will be done before the markets even start! My crabapples are setting buds also. Come on Spring!

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I can't imagine doing that many markets!! That's amazing! Maybe some day......Right now we're busy enough trying to do a Thurs., and Sat. and may be adding an additional Sat.

Just curious...what do you grow?? I'm also getting anxious for the spring thaw. Every now and then we'll get a warmer day which brings on the spring fever, but then it dips back down into the freezing range again....It won't be long though. For now, I'm trying to finish figuring out planting for the new acre we plowed up. Then will work on putting in our order for transplants and seeds. Looking at those seed catalogs sure does make you get the "fever"!

Hope all grows well....

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wannabe-I specialize in dwarf conifers, but we have to grow alot of blooming stuff also. I try and get flowers/shrubs that are new. I get some great stuff from TerraNova nurseries, and shrubs from Spring Meadow Nursiers, then we grow it on for at least one year, sometimes 2.
The dwarf conifers we do from cuttings and root them, or we graft.
We are going into veggies this as well, but I am letting my kids handle that. They will be selling at 2 additional markets under our nursery's name.

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