little_minnie(zone 4a)January 29, 2013

Does anyone use Surround crop protectant? I have never ordered it due to cost but always think about it.

Lucikly I don't have certain bugs: carrot fly, flea beetles, Japanese beetles
Do have cucumber beetles, SVB, squash bugs, cabbage moths, CPB, cabbage root maggots, corn borers and sometimes aphids. Also have cutworms and those stripey catepillars that like butter lettuce.

The pesticides I use are:
spinosad on CPBs
Bt on caterpillars
Might order neem, not sure
Diatomaceous earth but no slugs since drip put in
Shop vac for cucumber beetles
lady bugs for aphids
row cover

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Customers often think you have used a toxic pesticide when Surround is used because it is very hard to wash all of it off the plants and I found it was no good for a lot of leafy greens.

You have to apply it daily for most things as it needs to cover the entire plant to work well and fast growing vines need to be covered daily.

I didn't like it but a lot of people seem to love the stuff.

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There are some folks on the fruit forum who have had some success with it, but as Marla said, it has to be applied constantly and is very difficult to wash off certain crops. Then again, it is pretty expensive.

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

Great thanks!

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My humble apologies Lucy and Marla. Didn't mean to mix you guys up. As my wife says, "Listen to what I mean, not what I say."

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Apology accepted, I'm not upset. I only wish I knew as much as she does in her fields.

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