Color changes in beans

happyday(WI4a)September 21, 2010

Just cooked some Snowcap shellies. Fresh, they have red flecks over a cream background. The brown background color does not appear until they are dried. However, it does appear when boiled, as a grey defined area with a white cap, and the red flecks disappear.

Since the brown also does not appear in the Bosnian Pole until dried, I might cook some shellies of it and see if the brown shows as a grey area.

Also, all of the Insuks Wang Kong I've picked all summer have been either black or purple with extensive lacing of black. Then we had one day and night where temps dropped into the 40s. Since then, all beans have been either black or the third color, few black flecks on pink, which dries to purple.

Wonder if the cold day had some effect on stopping full expression of black lacing?

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

The first IWK's I shelled for seed were bright pink changing to mauve with heavy black lacing when completely dry but since it has cooled off the rest have all been bright pink fading to mauve with black speckles. I haven't had any completely black seeds, we haven't had any really hot days this summer so maybe temperature does have something to do with it.


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Annette, do you find that they all dry to the same color of purple/mauve? Mine do. There is only difference in how much black is shown. It does seem that a chill at a certain time in development stops expression of black pigment. For weeks after the chill I got only pink with speckles, then, right after I made the post in fact, I started finding purple with heavy black lacing again. Now we are having some cold days again and it may go back to pink with speckles again.

Looks like the West Coast had a cold summer and the East Coast a hot one. Here in the Midwest we had record rainfall and a moderate summer. I hope every one can find a way to make the best of it and still get a good crop.

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aftermidnight Zone7b B.C. Canada

Happy, all the speckled ones dried to the same color of mauve. The ones laced with black dried a little pinker.


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