Sweet red pepper suggestions?

Mark(Oregon, Zone 8)January 11, 2011

Hi all,

I grow 300+ peppers in the greenhouse for the market and have gotten into a slump. I grow mostly pimento and italian types but I'd like to have another variety that ripens earlier and I think a blocky bell would look more normal to some customers.

Johnnys has Ace, Red Knight, King Arthur...

Any suggestion?

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I have grown peppers for a long long time. Last year over 16,000 plants. A lot were sold as plants and about 6700 were planted in the garden to pick for market. I've tried hundreds of varieties over the years. Last year 129 varieties, mostly hot.

Certain varieties grow better in different parts of the country. For big red sweet peppers in my area the best have been: Ace, Revolution, Socrates X3R.

If I could have only one I would choose Socrates. Though not a bell I would always have Carmen too.

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I like revolution a lot. if you have no problem growing seeds with a Monsanto tie (I won't buy such seeds) I suggest fat and sassy-that was my all time favorite before Monsanto bought out Peto seeds, the developer of Fat and Sassy. Johnny's used to carry FnN

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All red pepper seed will work fine if properly taken care of. First ,mulch with at least 4 inch,of organic mulch or blk. plastic. I have learned to add 2 tablespoons each of epson salts and garden lime to each transplant about 6 inches away in a circle ring. At the fruiting stage add another ring of 6-20-20
fertilizer about 6 inches from plant.
Make sure plant is consistantly watered(1 inch per week-Most professional pepper growers use drip irrigation fed with a liquid fert.) . You will find beautiful large peppers and very low B.E.R.

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Mark(Oregon, Zone 8)

Thanks for the opinions. As of now I'm trying to decide between King Arthur and Red Knight.
cowpie51, I think you're replying to some other post.

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sorry,I have to read better.

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We like Big Bertha here. Granted we are only now trying new varieties. IIRC, Fat and Sassy was renamed King Arthur and the X3R Red Knight might be an improved King Arthur. Not totally sure about that though.


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I grow the Colossal Hybrid. its big and seems to grow good where I live.Turns a deep red, very sweet. Nick

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pandora(Z5 OH)

I have grown King Arthur and Red Knight in my home vegetable garden. I do not have great notes why I stopped growing King Arthur, but have continued with Red Knight for years. It is a great pepper and it is a few days earlier than KA and more disease resistant.

Good luck!

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little_minnie(zone 4a)

I like King of the North (aka sweet midway). Some companies sell the seed so much cheaper than hybrids and I didn't notice a difference last year (totally tomatoes- 200 seeds for $2.15). I also liked marconi and sheepnose type pimento but it sounds like you are sick of those. What about aconcagua? I will be growing it for the first time. People are getting more into buying non-bell sweets being they sell them at Sam's Club now.

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