Adzuki bean

cubathyOctober 27, 2008

Hi everyone,

I've been looking for some information on growing adzuki beans but can not seem to find anything about growing them for green beans or dry beans (although there's lots about sprouting). I've been told the best time to sow is June/July in the UK. Can anyone tell me roughly when I can expect a crop?

Many thanks, Jacob

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This cousin of the cowpea requires about 4 months to maturity. Usually used as a dried bean/pea. It has a myriad of names and spellings. Bush form about 2 feet tall, with yellow blossoms. Can be planted in the same manner as bush dry shelling beans.

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zeedman Zone 5 Wisconsin

Ditto on Farmerdilla's comments... except perhaps the DTM. Seed bought from the market would likely have a long DTM, but there are a few early varieties. I have one red-seeded variety ("Tarkara Early") that matures in 90 days. Another variety ("Buff", named for the color of its seeds) matures in just over 100 days. Adzuki beans bear heavily, for me about an ounce (28+ grams) per plant.

Not sure how adzuki would perform in the U.K. though. Like their cousins the cowpeas, they are heat lovers. You might have a better chance if you start them as transplants.

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