Looking for chimes

jeannebarnum(Alaska)January 13, 2005

I am a Master Gardener in Alaska. Have great success with clematis, lillies,begonias, hostas and dahlias. Low light ground covers and perennials.

I delight in gracing my garden with chimes, am in search of the the old oriental chimes I bought as a child at the dime store. Glass painted strung with red thread, cost about a buck. Anyone know where I can find them please email me. (I have already been cruising eBay for about a year now, no luck).

Alaska Jeanne

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ginger_nh(z4 NH)

Shops in any city China Town should have them; even gift shops in some large Chinese restaurants. I got one a few years ago in York Beach, ME at a seaside summer gift shop--inexpensive tourist-type shop open in the summer only, selling straw beach mats, flip-flops, sea shells, rubber snakes, sparklers, sunt tan lotion, styrofoam surfboards, etc.

I always have a few of these as my great grandmother and grandmother always had them hanging on the porch in the summers.

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Alaska Jean,

I see there are some listed on EBay as Vintage Japanese Glass Wind Chimes but they're not $1 anymore (looks like they start at $28). I've also listed a link found on a Google search; however, these are not Japanese. Hope this helps. They make a lovely sound.

Seattle Suze

Here is a link that might be useful: Glass wind chimes

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