Accepting Bank Cards At Farmer's Markets???

patricias_herbs(Eastern Wash. State Z5)January 10, 2006


I need some advice from folks that accept credit cards for on & off site sales.

I'm finally giving in- I plan to accept Bankcards this season with a $10 minimum charge. I will be doing 2 Farmer's Markets, several large gardening shows, as well as greenhouse sales during the week. I'm also thinking of offering it for online sales. But I will be shut down for the winter months.

I'm most concerned about the off-site sales, and how they would work. When folks are lined up to pay-I need to expedite the process. Cell phone authorizations are very time consuming, but how safe is it to not call them in at the time of sale? An electronic reader without phone service sounds good to me, but is several hundred dollars for the unit. This processes the card just like in the store but stores all the info until you get home and hook it up to the phone line. Professional, easy to use, though again cards not authorized until you get back home.

Any recommendations & experiences on who you have found to be successful- reasonable & cost effective, easy & safe to use?

My bank is real pricey & high fees continue while I'm closed down for winter. A craft vendor at our market uses Costco's services & is satisfied. I have checked out and Both have some good pros & low cons.

Thanks for your advice & time- Patricia

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wjy520(z5 PA)

This doesn't answer your question, but I was wondering if the same type of setup would work for food stamps.

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It will, I had a machine thsi summer just for food stamps.

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edwoodtick(musk z 5)

this is on my todo list to find a wireless card machine , i belive it would pay for its self in one season for credit or debt cards working on this will let you know ed 50 degrees in michigan today what is up with that ????????/

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Patsyptrsn(z4 minnesota)

This does not answer your Q. but this season our market will be receiving a machine from the state on a grant. It will take all cards and food stamp cards. This will belong to the Market for all vendors to use. I do not know how efficient this is going to be or how its going to work. We all know a lot of poeple do not carry much cash and would buy more with plastic.

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patricias_herbs(Eastern Wash. State Z5)

Just updating- I haven't decided on a company yet but still looking. Any one else have advise? Patricia

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