Colorado_west(z5 W Co)January 4, 2006

Do any of you use a Troybuilt cutivator for your market garden? I was given one for Xmas and booklet tells about it and service and all that but not how to really use it. How do you till between plants with it? I had a real bad weed problem last year. I have irrigation ditches in my garden.

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edwoodtick(musk z 5)

start it set depth put into gear and till buy practice on somebodys else garden first if you still have a problem send it to me i will pay freight lol really it is about the best to have simple to use just try it dont be afraid make your rows as wide as the tines stake and string them . have fun ed

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Colorado_west(z5 W Co)

Thanks Ed,
When you start it is in gear I think as says have in the garden and tip it back to start. Got a bail or bar on it like lawnmower guess it does have a stop on it. My rows
are like 36 inches apart. I bet that would be fun to get string out. Tomatoes been doing 5 feet. I don't leave string in the garden. Still in box. I have to get a tiller down the rows to ditch it. Cultivate the rows then till the rest?. Can I practise on your garden??? Got me thinking. Iam planing to plant in check rows and till both directions. Any of you do that?

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lajaw(z8 S.AL)

If you're irrigating using gated pipe, check planting won't work. What will you do with your furrows for the water?
If your sprinkling, then maybe it'll work.

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Colorado_west(z5 W Co)

When I till I have to take out the water ditches each time and put them back in anyway. Irrigation water full of weed seed and mud so always will have more weeds. Last time before I lay it by I try to get in good deep ditches and hope they will run water rest of season.

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All I can say about a Troy built tiller is hold on!! My kids still remember the first time I used ours. I started out in nice soft soil and the thing dug in just great. When I got to the edge of the bed I was expanding and hit that New ENgland clay the thing took off uphill like a rocket with me holding on for dear life and running to keep up. Did it hurt? not really, just my pride. But they are powerful machines. We bought ours used and we have had it for years with very little maintaining. If you are not sure how to use it in your own garden maybe you can make some extra cash tilling gardens for other people. We have had sucess with that in the spring.

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Colorado_west(z5 W Co)

I run a 8 horse Troy tiller. I set my on lowest speed for most stuff. Mine is 4 speed. Yeah it will jump on stumps rocks and such. Never have had hard clay. But clump grass and roots and rocks in new ground it did.

What we talking about was a Troy cultivator. It is something different. It is made to just cultivate and go between plants in the row. It wts 27 pounds No power to the wheels. Tines in front. It is a whole new ball game. It is not made to break ground or till up a garden. I never knew Troy made one of these cultivators till I got one for Xmas.

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