What you own, wish list, favorite

judyny6(z6 NY)February 14, 2008

So I have a little spring/cabin fever. I've been through all the catalogs, books, websites. I have placed my orders, and have money for one more tree. What I thought might help with my boredom, and in finding a tree, is getting some feedback from other obsessives like myself. What I'd like is a list of what you already have, a wish list, and your one all time favorite tree. Here's mine:

What I own: Coonara Pygmy, Sharp's Pygmy, Corallinum, Katsura, Japanese Sunrise, Seiryu, Butterfly, Tana, Inaba Shidare, Crimson Queen, Bloodgood.

My wish list: Koto No Ito, Kamagata, Red Pygmy, Chishio Improved, Kinshi, Otome Zakura, Shidava Gold, Wilson's Pink Dwarf, Beni Tsukasa, Autumn Moon, Beni Schichihenge.

My favorite(so far): Tana

Please feel free to mention why your favorite is your favorite! Thanks, Judy

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Here is a similar thread, does not have the wish list.


Here is a link that might be useful: Favorites

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judyny6(z6 NY)

It doesn't have what they already own also. I read that thread, thought this one was different enough that I might get more responses, or hear from people that hadn't responded to that one, which actually came up for me when I did a google search on a particular tree. Thank you for showing it to me though, I hope people still respond.


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I'll join in here because I think it might be beneficial to list what we have to give others some ideas on cultivars they hadn't seen or thought of.

I own (palmatums):
Aka shigitatsu sawa (American form, not the original form I don't think but I'm still watching it), Arakawa, Aratama, Red pygmy (red fall color on this one so I'm not sure), Baby lace, Baldsmith, Beni shi en, Beni shichihenge, Bloodgood (no clue if it is the original form), Burgandy lace, Crimson queen (maybe the original still observing), Filigree, Fireglow, First ghost, Fjellhiem, Garnet (maybe), Glowing embers (Dirr selection), Higasayama, Ibo nishiki, Ichigyoji, Red select (labeled Inaba shidare but not the true form, still observing this as most inaba shidare/red selects in my area are this form), Jiro shidare, Kamagata, Kasagiyama, Katsura (large form not the dwarf mentioned in Vertrees), Kihachijo, Koshimino, Koto no ito (or maybe Koto ito komachi time will tell), Lionheart, Mikawa yatsubusa, Olsen's frosted strawberry, Omureyama, Orange dream, Orangeola, Osakazuki (not sure if true form, beni, or akame form), Purple ghost, Red filigree lace, Ryusen, Sango kaku (if it survives this year :) ), Seiryu, Sekimori, Shaina, Shishigashira, Tamukeyama, Tobiosho (maybe), Trompenburg, Tsukushigata, Tsuma gaki (hopefully), Ukigumo (nicely variegated luckily), Ukon, Villa taranto (probably not like the original form but nice nonetheless), Ueno yama, Viridis (does anyone know what the true form looks like?), Waterfall.
And my other species:
Shir. Autumn moon and Moonrise (just got it lets hope these survive);
Japonicum Green Cascade and Aconitifolium;
Circinatum Pacific fire;
A seedling Psuedosieboldianum with gold fall color.

Wish list for this year:
Hupp's dwarf, Germaine's gyration, Sunset, Geisha, Peaches and cream, Coral pink, beni hoshi, Koto ito komachi (all forms would be nice), Oregon sunset, Shin deshojo, Hubb's red willow, ariadne, tana, hogyoku, shigitatsu sawa, oridono nishiki, sharp's pygmy, wilson's pink dwarf (or wilson's not so pink no so dwarf), murasaki kiyohime, corallinum, Red dragon (if i can find a big one), Enkan (if I can find a big one), Akane, Fujinami nishiki (if I could get it I would tomorrow), and about 20 more cultivars that I plan to graft this spring in which I have scion access to.

Favorite changes constantly, but usually Tsuma gaki. I have a feeling one of those reticulated types might get the go-ahead this spring.

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I don't own that many - not enough room, even with most in containers - but these are what I have currently: Sango Kaku, Villa Taranto, Beni Maiko, Ghost Dancer, Waterfall, Kasagi Yama, Mikawa Yatsubusa, Azuma Murasaki and A. shirasawanum Aureum, Autumn Moon and Green Cascade. I'd be very hard pressed to pick a favorite from among these - I guess maybe the Coral Bark (that should get David fired up!!), Green Cascade or Mikawa Yatsubusa, which is such a little cutie.

The only one on my wish list is Baldsmith, which is as close to a red leaf dissectum as I ever intend to get.

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The beauty one sees in a particular variety of maple more often reflects only personal taste. It is also hard to designate 'favourite' when they all have special attributes when compared to other trees. Here are a few that I have and 'like':
Acer palmatum 'Shigitatsu Sawa': The attractive and delicate pattern on the the leaves and the brilliant fall colour make this a lovely maple spring to fall.

Acer palmatum 'Shindeshojo': A graceful plant with the most brilliant red colour in spring in my garden.

Acer shirasawanum 'Aureum':The unique and delightful spring green is a sight to look forward to every spring. The fall colour is few can match.

Others that I have and 'like' are Ukigumo, Peaches and Cream, Seiyu etc.

A few that I (have lost and) would like to have eventually:
Sagara Nishiki: Like the subtle yellow variegation
Beni maiko: Brilliant red in spring with delicate leaves.

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picea(6A Cinci- Oh)

If something happened and all my plants were killed the maple I would replant first and are must have for me are:
Acer Japonicum 'Green Cascade', acer palmatum 'Mikawa Yatsubusa' and 'Shishigashira. The have all done well in my heavy soil with minimum care and look great.

Other maple that I think are great but have not done quit as well are 'Peaches and Cream, Filigree, Red filigree lace, Murasaki Kiyohime, Koto-No-ito and Acer Shirasawanum Aureum. These plant have all has some tip or branch die back from time to time which I think is from our environment and a problem I have had with all twiggy palmatums.

Plants I have new this year: Acer P.Ukuguno and Acer C. Pacific Fire.

Plant I would like to try is Acer Shirasawanum 'Moonrise'

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pteroceltis(z5 Syracuse)

So far I have only collected species Maples. As a college student my ability to take the care necessary to protect and cultivate many Acer palmatum cultivars just isnt there since I'm so rarely at home. My species include (Acer)campestre, cappadocicum, cappadocicum ssp. divergens, cappadocicum ssp. lobelii, circinatum, davidii ssp. grosseri, distylum, griseum, griseum x pseudoplatanus hybrid, henryi, mandshuricum, miaotaiense, monspessulanum, monspessulanum ssp. cinerascens, oliverianum, palmatum (green seedling), pectinatum ssp. laxiflorum, pensylvanicum (strain with more blue-white bark from Adirondack Mtns, NY), pictum, pseudosieboldianum, robustum, rufinerve, stachyophyllum, sterculiaceum ssp. franchetii, tegmentosum, tegmentosum 'Joe Witt', triflorum, velutinum.

Plants that havn't succeeded are davidii (killed 2 due to poor siting) barbinerve (who knows what killed it) and ukurunduense (draught).

Some that I have been pursuing for some time without success are cissifolium, diabolicum, caesium and subspecies, pilosum var. stenolobum, and nipponicum. Probably a few others I can't name off the top of my head. When I started the collection I didn't have much interest in the palmatum cultivars, but as I have seen and grown more Acer species, I have really come to appreciate the diversity of the genus and am starting to get a real desire to try out some of these palmatums. Hopefully I can fight off the urge until I actually get the money to afford them, as they are considerably more expensive than the species seedlings I have been getting :)

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myersphcf(z6a IL)

Not to get off the subject but yes you are correct...many Jm's get a bit of tip die back here 9 colder zones...My observational conclusion is it is because of late growth that has not hardened ...not really winter cold pr say...and obviously smaller ( read twiggy ) branches would be effected most as being whimpier. Some Jm's just don't put on alot of late summer growth and have larger branches in general and there fore are less likely to suffer this. I have several in cold storage that also have tip damage that were only left out in mid to low 20's for a few weeks to harden given more creedence to this theory.Also this year I have noticed much more on more cultivars that was likely caused by the terrible spring and hot summer that fried a most cultivars not in full shade and forced late growth in late summer early fall..David

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I have 21 JM trees. 15 are in individual 13-inch-square redwood planting boxes. The others are still in 1 gallons...but once I make more planting boxes they will be replanted.

One on your wish list that I like is: Koto No Ito. Turns yellow. Real nice.

Yesterday I planted my Ukigomo out into the yard. It had been in a 5 gallon. It is 6 feet tall. In our yard a shed and a large oak have been recently removed so I have room to plant or place some interesting things in an area of partial shade and under a high oak canopy. Several of my more impressive weeping maples in their planting boxes will go there. This is where the Ukigomo went and I also planted a hydrangea in the area.

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I have about 35 trees all in containers. Most of them are 5 or 7 gallons size, with the largest at 20 gallons.
Bought about 10 trees one/two gallon sizes last fall.
This is what I have Crimson Queen (multiple trees), tamukeyama (multiple), Shaina (multiple), Inabe Shidare, Red dragon, viridis, Fireglow, Ukigumo (multiple), Purple ghost, Sister ghost, Ariadne, Abigail rose, Fairy hair, Tsukushigata, Auruem S. Golden fullmoon, Orange dream.

Favorite: Auruem S. Golden fullmoon.
Wish list: Geisha, Aureum S.'Moonrise'


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Since you all have since a diverse group of A. palmatums, etc., slightly off topic, which Acers seem to suffer from vertillium wilt more than others?

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I've got about 20 JMs. My favorite varies from season to season and year to year. I don't have a wishlist because I don't have room for any more maples, and many of mine are growing in pots already. However, I have several of the maples on your wish list:

-- Koto no ito, one of my top 5 favorites. It reminds me of a miniature weeping willow. This would be very different than any of the maples you currently own.
-- Kamagata, another one of my top 5. Mine is growing in a pot, and I might just keep it containerized due to its small size. Very delicate in appearance but hardy. Brilliant red fall color.
-- Autumn Moon, another top 5. Spectacular colors unlike any other JM that I've seen -- with shades of gold, orange, peach and green. This is also unlike any of the maples you currently own.

My advice would be to get some JMs that are different than the ones you have. No need to own a bunch of different red dissectum varieties unless you just like red dissectums. I like varieties that are small/dwarf so I can grow them in pots for a while before putting in the ground. Also my yard is not large enough for most of the varieties that get tall and wide.

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Hey Judy,

A trip to the Philadelphia Flower show is great therapy for cabin fever.

You have a nice collection so far. 'Tana' is a favorite of mine too. As far as what to add to your collection Maybe go with the flow. If you go with the best deal that comes your way it's hard to go wrong. Every tree is special.

Topiary gardens nursery in NY has good plants.

Here is a link that might be useful: go with the flow

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This is not a fair question as there are too many JM that are amazing. I would say that I have many favorites, but am partial to some of the "reticulated" JM's...such as

A) Shigatatsu Sawa

B) Aka Shigatatsu Sawa

C) Ariadne

D) Olsen's Frosted Strawberry

E) Tiger Rose

As for non-reticulated...

A) Beni Hime

B) Azuma Murasaki (Fall!)

C) Acer Japonica Vitifolium (Fall!)

D) Osakazuki (Fall!)

E) Beni Kumo-No-Su

I could go on and on....

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As I thought about my favorites, I realized that I was really just choosing my most mature trees. My Sharp's pygmy is easily my favorite, but it is 3' x 3'. It was my first purchase just under a year ago - marked down 1/2 because it was left from the previous spring. So far everything looks good for this year, even the little Au Jutan that I planted last year. I have 3 Jms in pots that I wrapped with bubble wrap and placed inside some styrafoam. The shishigashira is looking really good.

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judyny6(z6 NY)

Thank you all for your posts. I gave birth to my son on Sat. Feb 16th, so this is the first time I've gotten a chance to read the responses. Everyone has given me alot to think about, that is when I have a minute to think! Dawgie, you're right about the red dissectums, I have limited space, and have a few already, so I will be leaning towards one of the linearilobums. Herman neutics, thanks for the song, and the nursery tip, I will be giving them a look.


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I think you will like the linearilobums. They tend to grow more upright than dissectums but have a similar lacy appearance. I've got four linears -- Beni otake, Koto no ito, Villa taranto, and Beni ubi gohan -- and like them all as much as my dissectums.

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Here's my list of haves: 'Abigail Rose', Aka shigitatsu sawa', 'Aoba jo' (recently purchased), 'Aratama', 'Baby Lace', 'Baldsmith', 'Beni fushigi', Beni komachi', 'Beni otake', 'Beni shichihenge', 'Burgundy Lace', 'Fireglow', 'Flavescens',
'Geisha Gone Wild' (recently purchased), 'Kamagata', 'Kasagi yama', 'Katsura', 'Koto no ito', 'Mikawa yatsubusa'(2), 'Murasaki hime', 'Orange Dream', 'Orangeola', 'Oregon Sunset', 'Oshu shidare', 'Red Dragon'(2), 'Sekimori', 'Sekka yatsubusa', 'Shaina', 'Sharp's Pygmy' (recently purchased), 'Shidava Gold'('Shidiva'), 'Shigarami','Scolopendrifolium'
(shinobuga oka), 'Shishigashira', 'Shishio hime', Sumi nagashi', 'Tennyo-no-hoshi', 'Toyama nishiki', 'Tsuma gaki', 'Twombley's Red Sentinel', 'Wou nishiki', 'Yezo nishiki', 'Yuri hime', 'Itame nibluki' (recently purchased), Acer circinatum 'Sunglow', Acer japonicum 'Kujaku nishiki', Acer shirasawanum 'Aureum' (2)
Acer shirasawanum 'Autumn Moon' (2), Acer shirasawanum '6910 Holland' (recently purchased)

I agree, it's hard to pick favorites and they probably change every year. If I started over, Acer shirasawanum 'Aureum', Acer shirasawanum 'Autumn Moon' and Acer palmatum 'Red Dragon' would be the first in my garden. Recent faves, 'Acer palmatum 'Koto no ito', 'Kamagata', 'Aratama', and 'Shaina'. I've also been impressed with the vigor of 'Yezo nishiki'for an upright red and 'Tennyo-no-hoshi' for a dwarf that looks really great with time. Dan

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I've got about 35 JMs (and still counting...) As others said in previous posts, my favorite varies from season to season (No quit yet from year to year due I only have barely one year with my JMs). However, now I'm little bit inclined to favor the shirasawanums and Japonicums, (but for sure it will change during next seasons). A.S. 'Golden full moon' and 'Autumn Moon' are simply spectacular: they literally "glow" in the darkness! (also they're slow growing, perfect for container culture). From the side of Japonicums, I already bougth an oustanding beatifull 15 Gal specimen of 'Aconitifolium'. My A.Palmatum collection already includes: 'Butterfly' (3 specimens), Waterfall (two); 'garnet'(not sure yet); 'virdis', 'Shaina'; 'suminagashi''sango kaku'(3 of them), Oshio Beni', 'Atopurpureum' (tree), 'bloodgood', 'Beni hime', 'Seryu'(two), 'Burgundy lace', 'Tsuma Gaki', 'first ghost' and also two green palmatums maples (common) of 5 ft tall.
My wishlist includes: AP Fairyhair, AS Green Cascade, Koto-no-ito, Tamukeyama, Germaine's gyration, Ukigumo, Orange Dream, Pixie, AS Meigetsu, Villa taranto.... among others..

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What I own-about 40 JM's, mostly in pots, about 15 in the ground (and I rent!):
Too many to list-mostly a range of Acer palmatum cv's-Azuma murasaki, Attraction, Shin de shojo, Mure hibari, Waka midori, shin de shojo, Umegae, Ara kawa, Musashino, Shigure bato, Yama hime, Sazanami, Mizuho beni, Ibo nishikiO kagami, Koshibori nishiki, Hillieri, Volubile, Shigarami, Nishiki gawa, Beni kawa, Beni ubi gohon, Koto no Ito, Hogyoku, Taiyo nishiki, Acer x Yasemin.... It is like an affliction, pleasurable though.

Wish list: Space for more, including Saoshika, Iijima sunago, Utsu semi, Shinobuga oka, Sekimori, Chitose yama, Ellen, Seigai, Yezo nishiki.

My favorite: I love Hogyoku, and Azuma murasaki, especially the latter's blended colors; all summer the tips of the lobes are brick red when the sun shines through. I live in the East Bay of the San Francisco area. There is a lot of afternoon wind in my garden, and fairly cool with a marked differential day/night temperature change.

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Ok,haves are palmatums;
'Tamukeyama','Shirazz'(tm),'Suminagashi','Enkan','Shin Deshojo','Skeeter's Broom','Orange Dream','Bi Hou','Crimson Princess','Orido Nishiki','Garnet'.Japonicum 'Aconitifolium',Shirasawanum 'Aureum'&'Autumn Moon',and a Sieboldianum(I think)
My favourite is probably still 'Ukigomo' if it stays this white forever.'Taylor' could be one to watch if it matures with the same amount of pink,I wonder what Mr.van der Maat's first trees look like now? 'Beni-Maiko' is lovely in spring,I much prefer it to my 'Shin Deshojo'....and love it or hate it,'Shirazz' (tm) is a very eyecatching tree,even from a distance,and with it's fast growth I can see this becoming very popular with the general public.
I don't really have a wish list as I like to just travel around seeing what I can pick up,...never bought off the net.Might look out for either 'Baldsmith/Brocade/Ornatum and Oshio Beni,purely for their autumn colours.
Anyway,wishing you all a very happy christmas :)

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Hey Elaine.....WHOOPS! just realised this thread is 2years old,we're a bit late ha ha.

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