Help me identify please?

louky(6b)October 31, 2013

I was given some seed at a recent swap meet. The gardener told me the name of the bean is "Perignon" but I haven't been able to find reference under that spelling. The distinguishing feature of this is that the seed she gave me was mixed between black beans and a bean that is medium brown with black markings. She said that the beans came out of the pod like that. I know this isn't much to go on but I am deciding whether it is worth planting them and probably won't unless I can identify. Any wild guesses?? Thanks!

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Maybe it's the Peregion bean.
I've never tried it but this bean is on my to-do list.

Here is a link that might be useful: Peregion beans

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SSE has Peregion listed a bush dry bean with runners up to 4 feet long.

There are no listings for Perignon. - Dick

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Wow! The smartest forum on the web! The pics look exactly like what I have so.....Now I have a (real) name and will plant them next year. Thanks so much.

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