potting shrubs up for MG sale - have questions

christie_sw_mo(Z6)February 13, 2009

I'm not a master gardener but want to donate a few extras for their local sale here. I've done this before but have questions about potting up shrubs. I have a few viburnum prunifoliums that were suckers last year (or maybe the year before). I cut them loose from the parent plant last spring (I think) and then replanted them. I haven't dug them up yet but I am concerned they're not going to fit into my pots. Can I trim roots a little to make them fit? How much can I trim them? The sale will be around mid April. Is this something I should've done last fall so they would fill out the pot before the sale?

Also have nannyberry suckers that haven't been cut loose from the parent yet. If I did that NOW, would they have time to get established?

Any other tips? Should I use potting soil?

I haven't called them yet this year to offer my shrubs because I want to see how big the root systems are first.

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Time needed for the plant roots to establish in the pot will depend on the species and the size of the pot. Only container soil should be used in containers. Most garden soil will not drain well enough. Before I offer any plant for sale I will knock it out of the pot. If the roots do not hold the mix together it is not ready for sale. Al

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I would pot the a little befor the sale and tell the people to sell them and tell people to plant right away. You can cut back a good amount. I had a sale last yr. and will have one in May. so will do the same here.

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napapen(ca 15)

The size of the root ball and the branches and leaves should be in balance. For all you cut in the roots, do so in the top.


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madtripper(5/6 Guelph)

I will disagree with some of the above advice.

Try to cut off as few roots as you can. Mark the pots so the buyer knows they were just dug up.

Do not cut the tops, even if you trim the roots. This is no longer the best advice for transplanting trees or shrubs.

You should not use 'container soil'. Use the soil the plants are now growing in. These plants will be going back into the garden at their new home. Having a bunch of unnatural soil around the roots only makes the transplanting harder on the plants.

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