Where do you get your irrigation water?

Slimy_Okra(2b)January 30, 2013

First, my sympathies to those who would like to irrigate but are unable to given the drought in the US Plains. We are lucky to get abundant snow up here.

I currently use a municipal source of water (treated and very cheap) but may relocate for other reasons, where I would have to use other water sources. I confess I'm quite clueless about all this. The two main sources of water, apart from municipal, are wells and ponds. The groundwater is hard, so how would I work around that? How much capacity would I need? I would use mostly drip irrigation and some sprinklers.

Thanks for any info.

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I have a good strong well, so that's what I use when I need. I haven't tried drip tape yet, but our water isn't as hard as some others water.

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I use a well, I have a filter at the start of the system. I believe you will need am output of 5gpm for any drip system IIRC which is not much.

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I am fortunate to have a 90' deep well and will be lucky if it keeps producing, I guess. No other water onsite. It's practically free with a 1/2 hp pump bringing it up to three 5,000 gallon tanks and back to the garden with gravity perfect for drip tape or micro tubing. The garden is now an acre excluding trees and that's as big as it goes.

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We have a well. We've been mulling a pond, but for us the time of year where the irrigation would be most needed would also be when the pond is the lowest. And since we only have two acres I don't think the trade off of lost growing space is worth it. I am thinking of using that area for berry production. I have good highway access close into town. I think I could sell out a half acre of u pick strawberries with just word of mouth advertising.

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